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Friday, 20 December 2013

Advent Calender Door 20 - Expectation

December 20th

My twentieth Advent calendar door has now opened revealing expectation.  Expectation of the coming week's events, expectation of time away from work (my break starts today!), expectation of seeing friends and family and expectation of happy services and that oh so sweet sit down on Christmas Eve when you can do no more until Christmas Day.

There is also the expectation of snow on the way (no, there isn't any at the Cathedral yet - this shot was taken earlier on in the year!).  I know some of you are already enjoying the white stuff and I do hope you are keeping warm, and for those who are enjoying the hot sun of summer I do hope the above shot is enough to cool you nicely.

Thank you for your lovely comments, I will catch up on my replies, but it's been quite a week!

Enjoy your day.
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  1. Hi Chel, I love how pretty the snow looks on the trees! Happy Friday! :0)

  2. So happy for you that your break is beginning!!! This is the most magnificent shot! A very merry weekend to you!!!

  3. What a pretty photo! I love the white frosted trees.

  4. SO peaceful looking. Ah... the silent snow.

  5. Such a wonderful scene. Hope you enjoy your break. Happy Christmas. xx

  6. Beautiful - I can feel the hush. Enjoy your sweet break! Hugs xo Karen

  7. I've enjoyed your advent postings, Chel, although I haven't commented on them all. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts with us. They've been very meaningful in a time when all we seem to do is rush around. Enjoy your break! :o)

  8. Have a great break Chel, and enjoy some rest!


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