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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 5 - Rocks of Safety and Security

December 5th

My fifth Advent calendar door has now opened revealing rocks that represent strength, safety, serenity and security.

Family and friends build their lives on a rock of trust and the parts that fall away still contain that element of togetherness.

Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm afraid time is against me with the daily posts to reply back but I do appreciate and smile with every single one.  Don't forget to tick the box below to let me know that you are keeping with me on this journey.

Enjoy your day.
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  1. I went back and clicked the box on the others tonight. I've been reading every post and learning about Advent! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. I love this photo & what you said! Julie

  3. I love piled up rocks, a lovely photo. I've only just grasped the box-ticking bit, sorry! Definitely got it now though.

  4. Pretty darn good construction work there. Beautifully balanced :). Lovely photo.

  5. What a wonderful idea for an advent calendar; I went back to find the earlier ones.

  6. Love your advent journey, Chel, though I don't do one myself - another thing that has dropped off the edge of what-we-do -nowadays since the boys let home and the grandchildren who live near enough to visit are too grown up!


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