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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 19 - Oh Christmas Tree

December 19th

My nineteenth Advent calendar door has now opened revealing Peterborough's Cathedral Square at dusk with the Guild Hall, pop up Christmas huts and of course the Christmas Tree.

I am now enjoying late night gift shopping which fills me with a lot more excitement than the bumping and haste of during the day.  This has become a regular ritual each year, dinner has been eaten, the relaying of what has happened during the day spoken, a change into more comfortable clothes and then back go on the gloves and coats and out we go again, this time as a family into the night.  One of the main things we enjoy is to go into a coffee bar and order hot chocolate with all the trimmings, just to warm up a little you understand, and then walk around the shops at a more leisurely pace.  This pace is just perfect for me at the moment as my tiredness from the beginning of the week is settling in.

Today is the Business and Shopper's Carol Service at Peterborough Cathedral, so this will be a nice time to have a sing song with those who I work with and the busy shoppers.

Enjoy your day!
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  1. That sounds like a very fun evening Chel. I hope you had a lovely time. This photo is really beautiful with all the lights.

  2. Hi Chel, it sounds so festive and fun to meet up & have hot chocolate and then listen to the carols! It looks so pretty with all the lights and decorations! One more week! Take care and have a nice day at work tomorrow. Julie 😃

  3. How beautiful, Chel - like a Christmas card! How nice to enjoy evening shopping with your family in your fabulous village with hot chocolate and carolers! I'm sure the beauty helps to ease the fatique.... Hugs xo Karen

  4. It's absolutely beautiful. There's nothing quite like an English cathedral square, I love them.

  5. It all looks very festive - especially after a hot chocolate with all the trimmings:)

  6. wow that is a amazing. Beautiful and how fun would it be to shop there nearby? wonderful. thank you.

  7. How lovely. Hope that a great time is/was had by all and that the hot chocolate was super yummy! Happy Christmas. xx

  8. Oh Chel....How very Lovely. Mum makes Us Hot Chocolate to this day In Antique Santa Cups with so many trimmings. All of your Photos are too Beautiful!!!!!!

  9. This looks like a picture for a Christmas card!


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