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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Power of Sight

If I had to pick one of the five senses that I couldn't live without, it would be sight.  I am very much a visual person, looking at my surroundings the whole time and trying to see things differently.

You can tell while talking to someone their emotions, their engagement, their cheery smile.

The colour of the day, the sunsets, the sunrises.

I love to take photos as you know and tell the story behind them.  I see something and straight away I can visualise that moment in time and what it means to me.

My camera, Big Bertha, invites me through its viewfinder to capture those moments that sing to me.  My left eye looks through this little piece of glass and the moment is framed and captured.

Unfortunately my view finding eye is a little sensitive at the moment, so I have put together some of my favourite shots for this little post.  So many photos that desperately need to be put in a better order... one day, one day!!

The power of sight, to me such an incredible sense that needs looking after and respect.

When was your last visit to the optician?  If not for a while, make that appointment today.  You never know what may be happening in the background.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Time is Ticking

The time is ticking... the 22nd September is a few hours away...


Life is precious and sometimes something will remind us just how fragile it is too.  Enjoy every moment.

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Monday, 19 September 2016

From Little Acorns

It's not a day of the week that I usually post, but I couldn't resist putting up an autumnal shot. 

This morning the alarm sounded and my eyes woke up to the deliciousness of  cozy darkness.  
My raincoat beckoned me as I stepped out to start my journey to work.  
Walking along the road, the ground crunched a little with the early falling leaves.
Sitting in my office, the windows remained shut, no cooling air was needed to blow inside today.
Instead of a frappe for an enjoyable coffee break catch up, a warming latte was snuggled and savoured.
On the way home, the windows of the bus started to steam up reflecting the drop in temperature.

Yes, I am one very happy lady, walking along the road with a comforting umbrella above my head, and clean fresh air filling my lungs!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Friday, 16 September 2016

The Indian Summer

Isn't a jewelled web a thing of beauty? (Even though the creator isn't in my eyes).  A similar photo was taken last year in November (here), but on a much colder and foggier morning.  I was so pleased that the hot humid air was lifting after experiencing the hottest September days that anyone could remember.  Standing here under an acorn tree on a telling misty morning, I knew the heat would come again later on today but I would be savouring every moment of the coolness while I could.

Summer has been been wrapping itself around my beloved love of Autumnal September and I think it's time for the wire cutters to let Autumn have its glory (well, in my eyes anyway!).

On the hottest day I took myself down to the river to catch any cool air I could.  I was happily rewarded with the sound of birds, lapping water licking at the banks and drying grasses rustling around me.

The rickety bench that someone had placed voluntarily at one clearing had been replaced with a more hand made version.  Clearly there for long term use, and for those who just wanted to sit awhile to do exactly what I was doing right now.

The heat was intense and the white brush strokes in the blue sky showed that this heat was going to get harder to deal with even with the breeze making the changing leaves dance above me.

Occasionally the thump of wing on water broke the symphony around me.  A feathered friend cooling its body while taking a dip in the water.

Seed heads still clinging on, waiting for that extra special gust of wind to carry them away to their permanent home.

Some seed heads providing short respite to the summer bugs.

In the distance my favourite tree was providing welcome shade for anything that cared to sit beneath it now that the harvest had been brought in, but this was a fair walk away and one that I needed to be near as the heat was getting more and more intense.

How I wanted to to just dip into that Fenland Drain, but it was time to be sensible and get into a cooked car to get home for a cool shower and plenty of water!

Summer, it's time to go and sleep until next year!  Please let Autumn have its dance and showcase the colours that you have carefully put in place.

The good news for this Autumn loving blogger is that the heat is dissipating from this evening and into the weekend.  My Autumn clean up in the house can continue, sleep can be caught up on without trying to keep cool and breathing will be easier.  THANK GOODNESS!

So, without further ado and with the hope of a happy and less oppressive weekend, I bid you a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead!  Thank you so much for your comments, emails and Instagram messages, I really do appreciate the time you take to make contact.  I feel a weekend of catching up with everyone coming on!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Hot Enough for a Picnic

We are experiencing very high temperatures in England.  These two are having a late summer picnic on the fallen apples.

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Getting Chocolatey and Cozy - A Mixed Post

How much do I love the rain?...

This much!! ...

When I woke up this morning, I could hear the rain bouncing off the window panes and a smile instantly appeared on my sleepy face.  The perfect end of a very enjoyable week and beginning of the weekend!  I knew that later on today I would be walking on the Fen chasing after rain drops and the weather didn't disappoint.  BUT FIRSTLY, ThAnK yOu so much for your birthday wishes and your suggestions for my '50 B4 50' list.  I am compiling this now and I'm looking forward to getting the ticks on my list underway and sharing them with you through the next twelve months.  My birthday was a busy one and a very happy day, evening, continuing to lunch the following day.  Both days enjoying company with very special people in my life.

The day before my birthday, Chocolate Truffle Torte was made (recipe here - but also add two tablespoons of Ameretto when adding the Rum!)...

... six were made, and six were enjoyed!

And for those who couldn't manage the alcoholic content, there was cake ...

Once the cake making was completed, the chocolate was continued onto my front bench which seriously needed some TLC! (no, not real chocolate dear readers).  The front garden is now complete, so my next project will be the side garden (my back hurts already just thinking about it!).

On the day of my birthday the chocolate theme continued with near enough a year's supply of goodies from Hotel Chocolat.  I am REALLY looking forward to working my way through them but this really does not help with the weight loss for my 50 B4 50 list, but I'm not complaining!!

One of my gifts from Miss Teen was a gorgeous scented candle filling the house today with winter spices giving a cozy feel to a dark and blissfully rainy day.

Apples are in abundance in the garden, falling off the tree and those still hanging on are ready for me to make into apple sauce for the winter pork dinners later in the year but, at the moment, I am happy to add them to the kitchen windowsill showing off the gorgeous raindrops coating them in mirrored jewels.

SO, back to the splashing puddles! ... 

Miss Teen is always very happy to walk with me on the Fen in the driving rain.  I am so lucky that she is 'mini me' and loves this weather and the coolness it brings.  We dressed appropriately and then set off to just walk and take shots of the rain drops while it fell.

I loved seeing the spiders' webs capturing the falling water rather than the juicy flies.

The beads of water being caught on the remaining seed heads.

The lowered heads of grasses ladened down with the moisture that they have been longing for.

The wildlife was quiet and we had to be so careful not to harm the army of snails that were beneath our feet.

Some were sensible though and headed for the highest point, after all, the birds were keeping dry so wouldn't be picking them up.

The rain gradually became the fine incessant type that wets you through, so it was time to take a slow happy walk back, still capturing the rain drops along the way.

The tree that I love on this walk was saturated, but with the added colour of the first glimpses of autumn and the freshly plowed fields beyond.

Yes, me and 'Big Bertha' did get wet, but as you can see, I'm happy!

I am all set now for a cosy night in to start my 'regretful' indulgence of the first box of chocolates along with a very thoughtful gift from a very dear friend about London's world underneath our feet.  I'm a lucky, lucky lady!!

Thank you once again dear readers for your messages and have a wonderful weekend and an even better week ahead.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Keeping the Spiders at Bay

Don't forget to collect conkers and put them in the corners of your window sills to prevent spiders coming in and setting up home for winter!

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Passing Time

During my comforting walks with little Tia, I pass an old tree along one of the many paths.  Each season its branches reach up to the sky with different colours clothing its limbs and its growth takes on different twists and turns.

The surrounding fields change colour each year, sometimes with wheat, sometimes with onions, sometimes Gladioli!  The tree stands, looking at the changes around it and smiles gently.

Occasionally the tree's sturdiness takes a knock and wounds form.  The cracks start to show, some within and hidden, others for all to see.  But still it stands tall, and the knocks make the tree unique offering more to those who choose to visit it.

The rings of time begin to show and the tree ages.  Each day the sun rises, the sun sets, and in between the world continues its routine.  Some stopping by to smile, some needing shelter, some passing not noticing any more, some visiting to sit in the shade, but all in the knowledge that the tree is there.

There's a birthday this week, and seeing this tree has made me think of my own life with its knocks, turns, happiness and tests.  I now have a year to think about my 50 before 50.  Why is it the '0' birthdays always fill my heart with dread?!  I'm not thinking of parachuting, running a marathon or travelling the world, these simply would not be practical in my life right now (plus strangely enough, I am not a lover of heights unless my feet are touching wood!).  So I'm wondering if you have any suggestions?

Any ideas for my 50 B4 50 list??

Please let me know either by comment or if you want, by email (in my side bar - Email Me Privately), or over on any of my other links.  I'm struggling a bit to think of some unique ones and ones that I will actually do!!

So, let this week begin and a new list start.  I feel excited already!!

Have a wonderful Sunday (and Labor day!) and an even better week.

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