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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Getting Chocolatey and Cozy - A Mixed Post

How much do I love the rain?...

This much!! ...

When I woke up this morning, I could hear the rain bouncing off the window panes and a smile instantly appeared on my sleepy face.  The perfect end of a very enjoyable week and beginning of the weekend!  I knew that later on today I would be walking on the Fen chasing after rain drops and the weather didn't disappoint.  BUT FIRSTLY, ThAnK yOu so much for your birthday wishes and your suggestions for my '50 B4 50' list.  I am compiling this now and I'm looking forward to getting the ticks on my list underway and sharing them with you through the next twelve months.  My birthday was a busy one and a very happy day, evening, continuing to lunch the following day.  Both days enjoying company with very special people in my life.

The day before my birthday, Chocolate Truffle Torte was made (recipe here - but also add two tablespoons of Ameretto when adding the Rum!)...

... six were made, and six were enjoyed!

And for those who couldn't manage the alcoholic content, there was cake ...

Once the cake making was completed, the chocolate was continued onto my front bench which seriously needed some TLC! (no, not real chocolate dear readers).  The front garden is now complete, so my next project will be the side garden (my back hurts already just thinking about it!).

On the day of my birthday the chocolate theme continued with near enough a year's supply of goodies from Hotel Chocolat.  I am REALLY looking forward to working my way through them but this really does not help with the weight loss for my 50 B4 50 list, but I'm not complaining!!

One of my gifts from Miss Teen was a gorgeous scented candle filling the house today with winter spices giving a cozy feel to a dark and blissfully rainy day.

Apples are in abundance in the garden, falling off the tree and those still hanging on are ready for me to make into apple sauce for the winter pork dinners later in the year but, at the moment, I am happy to add them to the kitchen windowsill showing off the gorgeous raindrops coating them in mirrored jewels.

SO, back to the splashing puddles! ... 

Miss Teen is always very happy to walk with me on the Fen in the driving rain.  I am so lucky that she is 'mini me' and loves this weather and the coolness it brings.  We dressed appropriately and then set off to just walk and take shots of the rain drops while it fell.

I loved seeing the spiders' webs capturing the falling water rather than the juicy flies.

The beads of water being caught on the remaining seed heads.

The lowered heads of grasses ladened down with the moisture that they have been longing for.

The wildlife was quiet and we had to be so careful not to harm the army of snails that were beneath our feet.

Some were sensible though and headed for the highest point, after all, the birds were keeping dry so wouldn't be picking them up.

The rain gradually became the fine incessant type that wets you through, so it was time to take a slow happy walk back, still capturing the rain drops along the way.

The tree that I love on this walk was saturated, but with the added colour of the first glimpses of autumn and the freshly plowed fields beyond.

Yes, me and 'Big Bertha' did get wet, but as you can see, I'm happy!

I am all set now for a cosy night in to start my 'regretful' indulgence of the first box of chocolates along with a very thoughtful gift from a very dear friend about London's world underneath our feet.  I'm a lucky, lucky lady!!

Thank you once again dear readers for your messages and have a wonderful weekend and an even better week ahead.


  1. Chel, It all looks wonderful ... the rainy day photos, the chocolate, the too-cute rain boots, even the cute snail.

    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the day,

  2. Lovely photos, Chel. We didn't get any rain here today but I doubt that will last long! :o)

  3. I loved the walk in the rain with you. Such pretty photos! No rain in sight here. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday Chel! Looks like the heavens gave you a real treat with the rain ;) Beautiful photos of your soggy walk, especially the little snails. Have a great weekend and enjoy those chocolates.

  5. Glad you had a lovely day. I'm craving chocolate now :(

  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Chel! It looks like it was a wonderful one. It is raining here today, too, and windy and fall is in the air.
    Can I ask who makes the Winter Spice candle? That one sounds right up my alley (nose). xo Diana

  7. Maybe we'll get a little much needed rain tomorrow - this week was so hot, reaching 99F on Thurs.
    Your walk looked lovely with the rain on leaves and webs - even the snail!

    Glad you were celebrated on your birthday dear - here's to many, many more, may each be more special than the last.

    I think I've found some similar cheese paper here! May not need to rely on Harrods - but man thanks for the offer, you are always so thoughtful Chel.

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Chel! Do we share the same birthday? Mine is the 7th, and I remember yours being on or close to that from last year. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration! I'm reluctant to see summer end, as much as I love fall, but that means winter is coming, and that, I could do without!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Chel! Send some of that chocolate this way.

    Lovely photo of you...have we ever seen you? You are quite cute, even in that rain!


  10. Belated birthday greeting, it sounds like you had a fabulous time. Gosh all that chocolate! Getting my weight down is one of my 60 x 60 things, so I'm with you all the way!

  11. Thank you so much for these incredible beautiful photos and your enthousiastic writing. I love walking in the rain too, but after a rather wet early summer we have now weeks of sun, I love it but secretly I'm already looking forward to a heavy shower, for me and the garden.
    I don't like snails in my garden but ohh, how nice they look on your pictures. And then all that chocolate, for the time being you can ahead but if you are a chocolate addict it's all eaten by now, haha.

  12. Beautiful pictures as always! I love the bench outside your front door. I'm putting that on my to do list for next year. And your whole post was so cosy.... you must be a hygge fan?

  13. Love your sweet boots they are adorable. Loved all the pictures. Have a great start to the new week ahead.

  14. I was going to say that I lost my weight without giving up chocolate. I allocated 180 calories a day to my little addiction. That might be difficult with a box that looks like that though... gorgeous! Not sure I could stop after just 2 or 3.

    The snail pictures are just adorable. It's always fun to go and visit the creatures that come out in the rain. It's raining here today as well. No one is happy about it though, (except for me, and don't tell anyone) because we are farmers and are surrounded by farmers, so everyone is anxious to get into their fields. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what all the fuss is about. It does this every year, and we always get the crops off. Always. People have short memories, or a need to grumble or something. I have been digging potatoes for the past 3 days, so the break is a welcome thing, and I'm looking forward to my walk in the rain right after my breakfast.
    Have a lovely day, and thank-you for brightening my day with your talent for photography!

  15. Happy belated birthday, Chel. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your boots are adorable! I love the rain too and I only wish I had a good excuse to buy some boots and go splashing around in them. :)

  16. Love the boots. I must have been in Manchester when you had so much rain as I haven't seen any for ages other than a slight shower last night. Your photos are fabulous and I am very envious of all that chocolate that needs eating. Look forward to hearing about your 50B450.

  17. Hi Chel! Oh, the cake looks so yummy!
    What a great walk you had! You have a lovely place to take those rainy day walks.

  18. Belated birthday greetings! I've enjoyed the walk in the rain. Rain wouldn't deter me either in order to go walking in a beautiful area such as Fen country.
    Our daughter recently shared a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates given to her on her birthday so I know how moreish they are, although they are ones to savour slowly. Your birthday cake looks wonderful and must have tasted delicious. Have a good week!

  19. Oh Chel...it sounds like such a perfectly wonderful birthday! I love the 50 before 50 idea. I will have to do a little research on that as I will be 50 in a couple years. Your photos are just beautiful. I have missed visiting here and hope to have more time to do so now. Have a lovely week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  20. I love walking in the rain. Your photos are wonderful as always. I enjoyed coming along on your walk!

  21. oooh those chocolates looks good, I usually buy the boxes of 6 selectors, I've never had a proper box from there, must try them. And your tortes and cake - oh my word, truly decadent, my kind of cake. Your photos are beautiful.

  22. Chel - what delightful photos! If I lived closer, I'd help you eat some of that chocolate. Remember - it's a good source of antioxidants! Though my camera and many of my lenses are waterproof, I've never put them to the test.

  23. Oh, my, all that chocolate makes for beautiful pictures!


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