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Sunday, 16 April 2017


People say to me you need to RELAX, it's an easy word to say isn't it?  Everything will be fine, just relax.  For me to do this I need TIME, a luxury that I just don't have, but when I become snappy, over tired and feel as though my knuckles are dragging behind me as I walk, it's time to book time off and...


A week booked off after an exhausting time and deciding what to do sends my mind into a whirl.  With older teenagers that blissfully do not need me hanging around while they're both doing their own things, I have the luxury of having my own time off.  No offspring to entertain, just selfish me!

Long walks, catching up with old and new friends (bang goes the diet!) and retail therapy.  Things that make me happy along with planning to see historical buildings at the beginning of next month with incredible company.

Reading, photography, my pace.

Crossing bridges in my mind, some scary with no safety net.

This new found time in my life sees a new chapter, I was that feather in the wind that settled down and created a nest and now I'm rewarded with time that I can enjoy.

Don't get me wrong, I am a mother first and foremost and that will be my priority throughout my life, but I get reminded that "oh you have a BIG birthday coming up" again and again and then met with surprise when I say that I am REALLY looking forward to it.  Life is to be embraced no matter how young or old, we have one life and that should be full of colour, humour, positivity and company of people we really care for with the same outlook.

Yes life's not perfect, it can sting at times, but since the New Year I made a decision that from then, no matter what comes my way, I will embrace it, look at things as I always do, positively and with humour.  I am who I am, I will not change, not now.  

And so, this week I'm RELAXING, doing what I want to do, selfishly, happily, no stress.  Surrounded by positive people. laughter and things I enjoy.  I think I've earned it!  I'm also taking a mini blog break for a couple of weeks and come back with a few more trips.  Trips that are going to fill my mind with history, photography, humour, knowledge.  PERFECT!

Until then, have a wonderful Easter break along with capturing the growth of Spring or the onset of Autumn wherever you are in the world.

And remember...


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Spring in a Bottle

Looking across the Fen in the morning, it is evident that spring has sprung.  The Rape Seed fields swaying their pungent perfume to fill my nostrils and the inevitable hearty sneeze to expel the heady pollen.  Today, I kept away from those fields and took a potter around the garden to fill up my vases with far more local produce that had grown pockets of colour around the house.  Spring showing off its splendour to be displayed in a bottle.

Blossom circling the house like fireworks popping all around and attracting the smaller wildlife for pollination .

The garden has suddenly sprung into life, some plants a little stubborn, but most waking up and entertaining with their show.

The eight legged monsters that scare me to death have even produced their own art work, some obviously had alcohol last night and got a little lost with their webs, but producing a natural stained glass effect with the various colours in the background.




Fresh white and green...

 The fragrances sensual and heady.

More trips are planned over the next few weeks and my camera eye will be very busy, but for the time being, sitting down and relaxing the produce of my garden is enough...but keeping away from those eight legged monsters!!

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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