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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Spring in a Bottle

Looking across the Fen in the morning, it is evident that spring has sprung.  The Rape Seed fields swaying their pungent perfume to fill my nostrils and the inevitable hearty sneeze to expel the heady pollen.  Today, I kept away from those fields and took a potter around the garden to fill up my vases with far more local produce that had grown pockets of colour around the house.  Spring showing off its splendour to be displayed in a bottle.

Blossom circling the house like fireworks popping all around and attracting the smaller wildlife for pollination .

The garden has suddenly sprung into life, some plants a little stubborn, but most waking up and entertaining with their show.

The eight legged monsters that scare me to death have even produced their own art work, some obviously had alcohol last night and got a little lost with their webs, but producing a natural stained glass effect with the various colours in the background.




Fresh white and green...

 The fragrances sensual and heady.

More trips are planned over the next few weeks and my camera eye will be very busy, but for the time being, sitting down and relaxing the produce of my garden is enough...but keeping away from those eight legged monsters!!

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.


  1. Your garden is a feast of colour.

  2. The spiderweb showed up so pretty with all the moisture. Love your Spring blooms! Enjoy the beautiful weather. Hugs, Diane

  3. The thought of an inebriated spider weaving his web made me smile. What a lot of beautiful colour your garden is currently producing. Lovely flowers, Chel.

  4. Your garden is only rivaled by your amazing photos! What a treat to see a post like this, Chel!

    Jane x

  5. Beautiful photos Chel! I'm longing for colour, so this post was a treat.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. No-Chel- Not spring in a bottle----It is spring in the lens of your camera! Phenomenal pictures--they are all just gorgeous. sigh....now to have some real things growing here...but until that happens I can enjoy your spring pictures! xo Diana

  7. I love dew on spider webs, these are some fine ones. Our flowers are just starting here.

  8. Glad to hear that spring is finding its way to you and that you are enjoying it!

  9. Incredible pictures! Your garden is so lovely. I've never seen spider webs like that. So pretty. But I'm with you about the critters that made them.

  10. Lovely happenings in your garden, Chel! Those spider webs are amazing! Great photos!

  11. The first blooms are always such a treat! Wonderful pictures!


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