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Saturday, 25 March 2017

My London Pride

Due to the terrible events that unfolded on Wednesday at Westminster, I wasn't going to post this week.  Too upset and angry that my home town had become vulnerable in a brief moment, a mindless act of violence taking the lives of innocent people, and a devoted policeman at the first line of defence.

Anyone who knows Westminster Bridge, or indeed has been a tourist there, will know just how frustratingly busy the bridge and the pavements are along here.  Tourists, workers, street entertainers, artists, as well as London traffic both on the bridge and the Thames boats beneath.

Within moments this iconic area of London was dealing with the aftermath, all races, all faiths pulling together to help those who were dying and injured.  My friends who work in the area were in lockdown, kept in their buildings, but safe.

My Grandparents lived through the Blitz, my parents and I lived through the IRA bombings, and now my children are growing up in an era of uncertainty of randomness of terrorist targets.  There is nothing more incredible than the resilience of Londoners.  Yes we get tarnished for being unfriendly, just worried about ourselves as we dash around the City, but that's because we're busy, we have places to get to and try and fight our way through the crowds.  But, when the going gets tough, we pull together, dust ourselves down and just get on with it, helping, talking, taking time to make sure everything that can be done is done.

As I watched events unfold, as well as being in shock, I was proud.  Proud of the strangers who helped each other and the emergency services carrying out their numerous drills of such an eventuality.

I am a proud Londoner, and always will be. No matter how often others try to beat us down, we just get stronger.


  1. I've been to London three times and I've never found it unfriendly. I've found people are helpful and pleasant. I've been thinking it's time to go back to London -- I was there three years ago -- and then a trip to Bath, and I'm still thinking that. As a New Yorker I know the pain when people's hatred overwhelms the good and I send you and all of London my heart and prayers.

  2. I am so sorry for this terrible event. I'm so glad for the resilience of Londoners like yourself who never, ever give up in the face of tragedy.

    You've shared some beautiful photos of a beautiful city. Sending heart felt thoughts for peace and grace.


  3. Beautiful post. I just could not get my thoughts together to write anything worth reading, so I simply had some photos on my blog. I am so glad that you wrote this.
    Take care. xx

  4. My heart hurts for the victims and the citizens of London.

  5. It was really a horrible incident.. Last year we went to visit London in July... It is really terrifying...

    Pictures of Big Ben is really beautiful..

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  6. I've just been to London once, last summer, and found it a friendly city. I hurt for the citizens of your city (and country) and found it heartwarming to read of the way people came together to help regardless of belief or culture. Hugs to you, Chel, from across the pond.

  7. Thanks for posting this. As a Londoner now living on the Herts / Essex borders we are in Town a couple of times a month. We will never stop going to our lovely city and everyone I have spoken to feels the same. These evil cowards will never beat us and the tolerant life Londoners show to everyone will continue.

  8. Beautiful shots of your home city, Chel. Thinking especially of those families who have been touched by the shocking events on Westminster Bridge.

  9. I've walked down the Westminster bridge so many times during my many visits to London. I was so sad to see yet another horrible attack on a city that I love so much :(

  10. Gorgeous photos, Chel....and bittersweet when you think of what just happened there. Blessings and prayer to all our Englanders. xo Diana

  11. Your personal connection makes it more real to me, both the tragedy and the resilience.

  12. I'm praying for the victims of this terrible event and for their families, thank you for this so lovely post which underline your love for this wonderful City and its inhabitants, darling Chel !

    Sending blessings

    XOXO Dany

  13. A wonderful from the heart post Chel. I do think the last photo ends your post well.
    Stay strong my friend, praying for you all,

  14. A sad day indeed. It will not deter me from travelling in and out of the city I love. Thank you for expressing what so many Londoners feel in your eloquent post.

  15. Well said Chel. You're entitled to be angry. It was a mindless and cowardly act against innocent people. As we say in NZ 'Kia Kaha - stand strong'.


  16. I've yet to visit your beautiful city, and I'm sure I will not find it unfriendly. It is what you make it I think. I've been to places rumoured to be awful, and that has never been my experience. I've also visited a city once that was said to have the friendliest people in the world, and had the worst experience of all my travels. Just a case of wrong place at the wrong time I'm sure.
    As for the terrorists, that is all we can do, help each other and get back up. There are far more good people than bad. Terrorism is so much worse when it strikes close to home though and I am so sorry for your experience. It must have been so scary and sickening. Hugs and prayers to you and your beautiful city.

  17. I'm so incredibly sorry, Chel. These terrible and tragic events are so hard to understand. You should be proud of your fellows in your beautiful city. They have withstood so much and now another tragedy to get through, standing together to help one another in solidarity through adversity. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, the beautiful city of London, and all those first responders who no doubt were traumatized, but showed their true humanity. Sending prayers to you and the people of London.

  18. That was beautifully written. I only have an eight of English blood, but believe me that day, it felt like 100%!

  19. Hello, me too I'm so sorry what happened with the horrible situation in London. Thank you for this beautiful post and even though it's was such a sad and terrible thing to happen, I loved looking at your gorgeous photos of London. Oh how I miss it so and my family and I can't wait to go back and visit someday.
    Sorry I have not visited you on regular basis but I've just been so busy with life and took a few weeks off from blogging but I'm back again.
    Take care of yourself.
    Hugs, Julie

  20. I read the news online and watched the videos. So much terrorism in this world now. I prayed for your country and all those who lost someone that day and for healing for those who were hurt. Peace for all. You are a tough breed there, because you have had to have been. I am so sorry this has touched your lives. Big hugs from the US.


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