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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tales of Kent (Part 4 - St Margaret's Bay)

It was the 1 March, and the first day of Spring.  Steely grey skies above us, the wind forcing the tide high onto the shore with the salty water  resting on our faces as the waves crashed nearby. St Margaret's Bay in Kent faces France in the distance but today there was no tempting glimpse of its shores, but in a way, I didn't want anything to interrupt my love for this place.

St Margaret's Bay first appeared in the Domesday Book and much later became retreats for Ian Fleming (he of James Bond and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fame), Peter Ustinov (one of my favourite actors) and Noel Coward (the famous, flamboyant playwright) along with many others.  I can perfectly understand their reasoning as the environment was incredibly inspirational.

The white cliffs, even though grey today, the beach, the sound of the crashing waves.  A place to lose yourself, to just walk and think, quiet in human form, noisy in nature.

To walk alongside the beach with the hiss of the water against the pebbles was satisfying beyond imagination.  Re-living the places that I had seen in Kent.  Kent, the place that my Great Grandparents retreated to themselves, my mum and my Uncle spending their summer holidays in the area.  I can understand why they love to reminisce about this beautiful county.

Next time I visit this Bay I hope to capture its beauty in the sunshine, its romance in calmer waters and a tempting view of another country in the distance.  A walk along the cliffs to capture its majestic outline from above.

A truly inspirational place, perfect with friends of similar minds and outlook.  A brief visit, but enough to capture my heart completely.

Kent, I will be back to visit soon, VERY soon!


  1. Wonderful, Chel! I'm far behind with your posts and have just looked at all your super recent ones of Kent, a favourite county of mine. I used to go to Canterbury often, but have yet to visit Dover Castle so that was particularly interesting. As usual, you have taken some fabulous photos - you're a very talented lady!

  2. How beautiful. I love the coast.

  3. Beautiful and rugged. Thank you for this lovely series of your trip to Kent, Chel. I found all your posts very interesting.

  4. You've certainly captured its beauty and wonder in those shades of grey. We'll watch for that sunny chapter, one day soon I hope. Enjoyed that bit of fun history about St. Margaret's Bay too.

    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  5. It does look magnificent even in grey.

  6. The photo at the top is especially impressive . . . and a bit frightening too for it looks as if there's a path up there about to fall into the sea - or maybe already gone.


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