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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 22 - Remembering

December 22nd

My twenty second Advent calendar door has now opened revealing a time to remember. There are some anniversaries that pass by after a while but today is one that I will never forget.  It is the anniversary of my Grandad Tom's passing who was my inspiration, my safety, my thirst of knowledge and history, my trips to Greenwich and the Docklands.  Sometimes it isn't until the person has gone that you realise just how much of an impact they had on you.  I am surrounded by his papers, his CD's, his books, his research.  Each piece is a gem and as I head towards 2014, my inspiration has finally come back to me to take the plunge and write.  Write the book he never got around to completing and re-live his life once more.  His smile will encourage me and his voice on the CD's will bring me back to the times when I sat on the floor next to his chair listening to the stories of the Docklands.

Remember those you love.

Enjoy your day.
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  1. I wish you so very well with your project. I hope that it is a great success and that you enjoy reliving your memories of your Grandad Tom. He was obviously a great man who had a great impact on you for you to write about him so fondly. Happy Christmas to you and yours. xx

  2. Our loved ones are never gone, so long as we remember them....and sometimes I like to think that all of them are sitting around in comfy chairs, surrounded by our dearly departed pets ~ exchanging stories about US, and laughing.
    Happy Christmas and Happy memories to you ~ :))

  3. The holidays always seem to bring the memories of those we've loved and lost. But the memories live on and give us comfort. Beautiful post my friend.

  4. Your Dear Grandfather would be so honored to know that his life will be commemorated by his sweet and loving Granddaughter. Christmas is the time when we remember all those who came before us and made these holidays and our lives so special. xo Karen

  5. Christmas for me is always a time to remember what/who has been lost. I guess that is why it is a sad time for us - no more large family gatherings.

  6. His story was one of the first things I read on your blog, and it has stayed with me. His life and service is such a good example of who we should all try to be. I love that you have shared his life with us. Good luck with the writing. How lovely that you still have his voice on CD to guide you.

  7. A lovely tribute to a very special person ... Take care Chel, and have a fabulous Christmas

    Love Claire xx

  8. What a sweet tribute to a special person. Take care and have a great Christmas!

  9. Yes, this is a time when we think of loved ones that we have lost, but you and we all have wonderful memories of them. Wishing you good luck with 2014 writing his story.
    Hugs, Julie

  10. That's a lovely tribute to him, to finish what he started and to use your skills. My Nan was a huge influence and inspiration to me x

  11. A lovely 22nd door to your calendar. All the best with your project for 2014.


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