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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 21 - The Surprise of Gifts

December 21st

My twenty first Advent calendar door has now opened revealing gifts from overseas.  Isn't it lovely to receive lovely things through the post whether cards from old friends and family or parcels from overseas!  This was just one of the beautiful gifts that came to my door from the lovely Julie at Julie's Lifestyle.  We agreed to do an ornament swap a little while ago and I really enjoyed putting together some hand made items for her.  So, for today, there are a few more photos to show the beautiful gifts she sent me.

The plaid wrapping was just a delight to the eye, hiding away the gorgeous gifts inside.
Firstly, there was a New York bauble showing the infamous skyline.  This is now hanging above my window in the kitchen to remind me warmly of my friend across the pond.
Then Julie had hand made crocheted decorations to continue the festive mood.
This perfect pocket will be used for my mobile, smelling beautifully of this cute soap.  I really love Julie's crochet and the colour of the wool. She is so talented.
Back in October I remarked at how much I loved the pumpkins Julie had made and she was so lovely to send me one!
Those who have been reading my summer posts will know just how much I love lavender and Julie didn't disappoint.  The sweet smell took me right back to those days watching the bees on the lavender.  Just fantastic!
And then to make sure I am cooking with the Christmas spirit a fantastic cheery pot stand, oven glove and some essential hand cream.
Thank you Julie for these amazing gifts.  I love every single one of them and they make me smile by looking and catching the scent of them.  Please go and visit her on her blog, her recipes, tours of New York and of course her crochet are always a joy to read and see.

Now, what will be behind the door tomorrow?!

Enjoy your day.
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  1. Such lovely things, what a kind person Julie obviously is, and very talented with all of that crochet! Hope that you have a Happy Christmas. xx

  2. Hi Chel, I'm so glad that you like all the goodies I made for you, the soaps, and the ornaments. I too love everything that you made for me and I had a fun time doing the swap with you. Enjoy the holidays.

  3. Julie is such a sweetheart and a good blog buddy. And it really seems like our blog friends know just what we will love. What a fun gift filled with goodies...and some of her crochet creations, too! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Holiday hugs!

  4. What a nice blog friend and what sweet little treasures! Enjoy your gifts and have a nice relaxing pre-holiday weekend! Can you believe it is almost here? Hugs xo Karen

  5. What lovely gifts, lucky you. Hope you have a good weekend.

  6. It's so lovely the way Julie has paid attention to what you have written in the past and thought so deeply about these gifts. That is the most special part xxx

  7. Wonderful Chel - looks like your Christmas has started early this year! Jane x

  8. Oh wow I am in awe of the cover on the top bar of soap! How beautiful. And what a lucky bunny you are to be the recipient of such wonderful gifts.What a lovely bloggy friend you have there as well. Loving your advent posts, Chel, Lxxx

  9. What amazing gifts!! How lovely to have this lovely international friend! X

  10. HI! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your advent posts and I have that exact NY bauble! I bought it when I went to NY a couple of years ago and I was so nervous bringing it home as it was fairly expensive for a bauble and so fragile! I packed it up in my clothes very tightly haha!!


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