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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 15 - Time Ticks By

December 15th

My fifteenth Advent calendar door has now opened revealing the art of patience with the time ticking away.  The Grandmother clock ticks silently in the corner, and I swear the big hand is running around faster than usual but for the children around me, the anticipation is just too much and it isn't quick enough.  It is cold outside and beautifully crisp which is perfect weather to sit indoors all cosy and begin the card writing and cross off the lists.  There is something really satisfying as I put a line through things that have been done and everything doesn't seem as urgent as before.  Don't get me wrong, I still have LOADS to do, but preparation and looking back at what you have achieved is beautifully sweet.

So, the third Advent candle has been lit and here is a reminder of the doors opened so far...

I hope you have had some joy  and preparation time this weekend. 

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  1. As night draws around it's time for me to stop for the day and say to myself 'what's not done can wait for another day'. I do believe that the hands on our clock are going faster than normal, too!

  2. Near the end of November I found myself thinking that I'd get my Christmas cards written early and in the mail early in December. Hmmm. I will finish and post them tomorrow. The hands of time . . .


  3. I am enjoying each and everyone of your Advent post.

  4. I've been reading each one and enjoying this new tradition....love the photos of them all at the end of the post. Happy weekend my friend!

  5. This is a great new tradition, Chel! So pretty and sweet!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful pictures and the countdown and yes time is going too fast! Julie

  7. Joy to you too friend! And yes there is something so wonderful about crossing things off the list! The preparations are what makes it so sweet!!! All the best to you this weekend!!!

  8. What a lovely serene image - perfect balm against the winds that are battering us right now. Card writing is a good idea x

  9. Lovely window, and how nice to see all of them together.

  10. It feels like the big hand has been going round faster all year! Your tree is looking lovely.

  11. My lists are growing shorter too ... why do we put so much pressure on ourselves. Still knitting & making though, but it should get done. Decorations all came out yesterday and daughter is home tomorrow (yeah!) after exams. Snow arrived yesterday (big check!). Even the dog got a Christmas bath yesterday and feels soft & cuddly again. tra la la ... Wendy x

  12. Hi, Chel, I am linking to you today with your Advent post. Time just keeps on tickin'.

  13. I can't believe how fast this Christmas season is passing. Beautiful photos for your Advent, Chel. Blessings, Pamela

  14. Yesterday was full of joy.It was hubby's birthday and we decorated the house for Christmas..a few Christmas treats along the way...it was delightful!
    Jane x

  15. The tree is up and so are the stockings, the nativity set is displayed prominently and the ice skates are hanging by the door (no ice here but I always have them up for the Holidays).
    This week I will wrap a few presents and start on the baking...
    Oh it's starting to feel like Christmas...
    I am trying to enjoy every minute as it goes by so fast...
    Merry Christmas to all,


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