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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 10 - The Wish Tree

December 10th

My tenth Advent calendar door has now opened revealing a wish tree. I was struck with this at the local garden centre where wishes were hung all around Santa.  The wishes are so many now that the surrounding trees are full of these thoughts and dreams blowing in the breeze.  Most are of the latest gadgets or 'must have' toys, one made me laugh when it was asking for his wife to give him a divorce, but one struck my heart.  It simply said "I wish to have a year cancer free".  My heart felt so much love for this person as I placed her wish back safely between the  branches.  I do sincerely hope she gets her wish.

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  1. What a wonderful idea...a wish tree! And how touching....I pray this sweet soul gets her wish of not just one, but many years cancer free. Thanks for sharing this Chel....:) Blessings to you my friend...Vicky

  2. I agree with Vicky it is a wonderful idea!

  3. Great idea and I wish for that lady many years of cancer free. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Oh I do hope she gets her wish of being cancer free!!

  5. Such a poignant wish. I am making it for her too.

  6. Oh - I hope that person gets their wish - it reminds us of what is precious xx

  7. This is a thought provoking idea ... makes us remember what life is all about. Take care ;) Wendy x

  8. I hope she gets her wish - for 2014 and many years to come. :o)

  9. I'm praying that the wishes come true, too....all of ours! Hugs!

  10. What a lovely idea - a wish tree! I do hope with all of our prayers, this dear lady will get her wish of health. It rather makes all the other wishes sound quite frivolous. Hugs xo Karen


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