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Friday, 13 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 13 - Guiding Light

December 13th

My thirteenth Advent calendar door has now opened (Friday 13th!!) revealing a guide of light to the entrance to Peterborough Cathedral. Compared to the rest of Peterborough, this has to be the quietest and most calming place to be... at the moment!  With the Coca Cola lorry descending on the City today, I am sure the Cathedral green and square will be full to brimming for most of the day and into the evening.

Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm afraid time is against me with the daily posts to reply back but I do appreciate and smile with every single one.  Don't forget to tick the box below to let me know that you are keeping with me on this journey.

Enjoy your day.
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  1. Sigh. Gorgeous! I want to be there!!

  2. So beautiful! The golden glow of those lights in front of the cathedral is magical...:) Have a wonderful Friday...Vicky

  3. Hi Chel, this is truly a beautiful sight looking at the Cathedral at night! TFS, Julie

  4. I love your cathedral photos, they're amazing. I'm quite obsessed with old stone. Every single morning on the school run I look up at the church and marvel at it. Beautiful stone, standing there in every wind and weather for hundreds of years, softened by the appearance of the bare trees and mistletoe in front of it, with just a few touches of gold on the clock and the weather vanes. The cathedral is wonderful. I could look for hours.

  5. Every day is a new joy to behold Chel - thanks for sharing. Not much commenting time this week - sorry - but I do look and love!


  6. Now that is beautiful and inviting and oh so peaceful.

  7. How lovely the cathedral is! I used sing in cathedrals with a choir and this makes me all nostalgic! X


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