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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Advent Calendar Door 12 - The Decorated House

December 12th

My twelfth Advent calendar door has now opened revealing this special village store.  I'll just knock on the door to see inside...
Afternoon tea is served and the Christmas tree has been decorated.  Everything is cosy and the presents are hidden away.

The dolls house was built, decorated and furnished by Mumsy and I just had to share a couple of photos of it (more will follow when the light is much better).  She reads my blog and I would love it if you left a comment to make her smile as she has worked so hard on this project.  She is the most lovely, generous and kind lady you would ever hope to meet.

Hopefully tomorrow the heavy fog that has surrounded us would have lifted and I will be able to capture some bright Christmas lights instead of fog lights!

Enjoy your day.
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  1. How sweet! I love it! I am seriously wanting to build my own after seeing yours and now this one. It looks so fun...:) Thanks for sharing these photos each day Chel...I look forward to seeing what is behind the door each evening...:) The little stocking you sent is on my post today!
    Blessings, Vicky

  2. It really is a work of art. You really have to be patient to work with all of the tiny things....but look at the results! Looks like she's even remembered to leave cookies and milk for Santa. I love dolls and have a doll room. Your Mumsy and I would get along famously! Happy holidays to you both! I'm going to climb up the stairs and see what's up there! heehee!

  3. Lovely - thanks for sharing with us. Would love to see more.

  4. Hi Chel, I love this doll house your Mom made, she did such a great job! I love the afternoon tea too. Stay warm. Julie

  5. Your mum has done such a great job, it looks so pretty.

  6. Oh my goodness - how enchanting - right down to the little cupcakes with cherries on top! Your Mum has created a miniature work of art and I love it! I would want to play with it all day.... Hugs xo Karen

  7. Well done, Mumsy. You've done an amazing job. :o)

  8. Oh my goodness- you're mother made this? I love it! It's so cute and the details are wonderful. I love the scene in this room. Great attention to details and very nice quality! What a treasure!

  9. WOW -- so pretty! I thought I was looking at a real room there for a second!

  10. I'd enjoy a wander through that shop and perhaps a cup of tea by the fire. Your mother must have a wonderful imagination to create and enjoy such a delightful project. Merry Christmas to her from my little corner of Canada.


  11. This is fabulous, your Mum is so talented.
    I had a doll's house when I was a child, I was very sad when Mum gave it away as I grew older.
    Love your blog, thank you.
    Pam in TX

  12. What an adorable parlor scene. Such great attention to details. Doll houses are so enchanting.

  13. Well done to Mumsy - this room is so full of character that I would join Beatrice for a cake by the fire - absolutely delightful x Jane

  14. Absolutely enchanting, Chel. An absolutely wnderful collaboration.Sorry haven't commented on your recent advent posts - I haven't been 'adventing' myself.Lx

  15. Hey Chel; I Love, Love, Love all of your Beautiful Photos. I look forward each day to see what your Advent will show!!! Please tell Mumsy that she sounds just like my Mum!!! I do so wish that I could step inside the Parlor and have afternoon tea with the gentleman and enjoy the fire and relax!!!

  16. I love doll houses. Again, the light in your picture is so interesting.

  17. This is a great shot of such a beautiful doll house! Your mother has done an incredible job on the building and decorating ... just love the interior ;) Sorry I'm so late in catching up on your advent posts, but am reading them backwards. I'm probably like many others right now running around a bit scattered getting loose ends tied up. Wendy x


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