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Friday, 14 October 2016

Capture and Share #12 - Making Apple Sauce for Winter Roasts

There is nothing more satisfying than picking the apples from our tree and making apple sauce that will accompany our winter pork roasts.  I think the freezer will be full this year!


  1. The apples are looking so nice ♥

  2. Lovely image, apple sauce sounds delish.

  3. Nothing nicer. Once again a beautiful photo.

  4. Do you FREEZE your applesauce? I have never done that- only canned it. What a great idea. xo Diana

  5. There is nothing more heartwarming and delicious as homemade applesauce! It sounds wonderful! :)

  6. Beautiful photo of apples. I love applesauce and can pints of it every autumn. It's such a great accompaniment to a quick meal.

  7. Yes! I'd love to know how you do this...never thought to use this sort of sauce on pork, although I know I know fruits lends their ways towards the sweet in pork and chicken dishes.

    How are you, Chel? Love your posts on IG!


  8. There is nothing better than applesauce of own apples.
    Regards, Janneke

  9. LOve the smell of cooking apples in the house at this time of year!


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