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Monday, 3 October 2016

Capture and Share #1 - You Can Leave Your Hat On!

Beautiful acorns, autumn with its hat on!

I do hope there will be some acorns left on the trees in Greenwich Park, London so I can take one home at the end of the month to plant as one of my 50 B4 50 (is there anyone in Greenwich who can oblige in case I am too late??!!)


  1. Wow! ours are not that pretty, but been sweeping them up.
    Now the leaves are falling. Good Luck!

  2. Lovely acorn! I hope you do get some! I was not so fortunate today on my acorn hunt in our local park!

  3. Planting an acorn is great for your bucket list! Such a great photo, too.

  4. Such a pretty acorn! Ours are just brown.

  5. Hope you find your acorn. I might pinch your idea and add plant an oak tree on my 60 x 60 list. It will be quite a challenge for me as I don't have much luck with plants!


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