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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Capture and Share #10 - Keep Away from the Mud

The beautiful, lovely and sweet Tia on a more gravelly path on the Fen.  The mud is at epic proportions after the sugarbeet harvest so, step away from the muddy paths Tia, step away!  (As you can see, the ears and paws have already been exploring that muddy gorgeousness!)


  1. That cute Tia thinks where is she talking about? Mud, I love rolling in that mud, haha.

  2. Lovely photo, she looks very well. What is it with dogs and mud? Buster isn't too bad but Rufus will roll in it!

  3. Such a sweet face! (My little dog Molly has a special baffled expression for when we tell her not to do something but she wants to anyhow!) All that mud must be very tempting to Tia.
    Happy autumn.
    Helen xox


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