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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Just Words - A Simple Dream

All my life I have had a simple dream.  It's one that isn't selfish, unpleasant, hard or taxing.  Through the years I am one of those people who others come to and I will patiently listen and share any sought advice with them.  Motherhood came and again my life took on a different listen and learn ethos.  Gradually I began to learn that some people are naturally negative and start to grate the nerves, will have a problem that will turn into yours and are nasty in mind and spirit.  Still I would listen, smile and only if necessary, speak up for them.  But what about me, my feelings, my thoughts?
With my birthday this week, Mr and Miss Teen individually asked what I wanted.  My regular answer to them both has been "peace and quiet", to which they take this personally, but I then explain that it's not them.  I am very happy in my mother role, they have the absolute right to talk, argue, shout and take up as much of my time as they grow in their lives.  No, I was taught never to interrupt, listen to the person talking to you and that what you say should mean something.  I was reminded of this today when someone told another "less is more".  Always to think positively and be treated as you wish to be treated.  I regularly say that everyone wants a piece of me and sometimes I can take this, sometimes I find it hard, especially when I feel I need someone myself to talk to.

My answer of "peace and quiet" means, time alone.  Just for me doing things I want to do. 

Is this why I blog I wonder?

 I sit with my laptop and camera and shut off to everything as I type and edit my posts.  If only I was one of the lucky ones that could do this all the time.

My simple dream is a room where "peace and quiet" is the order of the day, a bay windowed room, book lined and a period desk looking out through leaded windows framing a wonderful autumn sunset.  Large writing books within easy reach and a pen waiting to go on its journey dancing through the crisp white pages ready to be filled with my own thoughts.  A log fire whistling and crackling, echoing throughout the room.  A solitary lamp to give a warm glow over the pages and contents of the desk.  Nothing else, just doing what I love to do, writing the story behind the picture.

Dreams are a folder in our mind that we open like a filing drawer to help us cope.  Simple and comforting.

One day, I say to myself, one day!

 photo e127e7a9-646f-47ff-8adb-930c1addf87f_zpsb0e3c980.png  photo 43d9db63-9ac6-4aa6-8adb-43ab052e4dea_zps94055fcc.png  photo c0f49c42-6866-416f-8340-41ce81ee7852_zps0989e201.png  photo 043887a8-568d-4534-898f-0b71d3da8430_zps4f05a031.png  photo dbaee30f-3590-4d4c-b9a6-fb29703b72ce_zpsd520d96f.png  photo 9bec910d-59b0-4394-9417-26a7a2dfed87_zps7071a0de.png  photo b8891b4b-1ce1-4edb-bf8b-ca24b4488d5f_zps91340dc1.png


  1. Aww Chel, I wish you peace and quiet for your birthday. The room to work in sounds lovely and I too sit at my dining room table on my lap top to do my blogging! I know exactly what you mean!!
    Well wishing you a wonderful week and Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Julie xo

  2. You've conjured up a very appealing room, Chel. Keep on dreaming and one day you will be able to make it a reality.
    My dream is a craft room where I can leave things out safely and go to them when inspiration strikes, turning from one hobby to the next, depending on my mood. One day...
    I hope you do get some peace and quiet on your birthday.
    Best wishes

  3. Dreams are there to guide us, to move us forward, to give us something to strive for. They may not turn out exactly like we think they will, but life is messy, unpredictable, full of generous and amazing surprises.Maybe your dream will come true in bits and pieces, stray moments when you manage to shut the world out, and attain that blissful peace and quiet, or maybe it will happen in one fell swoop, who knows....

    Happy Birthday Chel...I hope that you get what you want!

  4. Posting on one's blog is definitely a way of entering our own little world of our own - in which our dreams may have a place.
    It is good also to remember that life (as we would like to live it) is now - and not someday in the unforseable future. So Chel, find your space, your dream and your peace and LIVE IT!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and the peace that you crave.

  6. What a beautiful dream! I hope that one day your birthday might bring it true! I hope that in the meantime you have a Happy Birthday this year!!!! xx

  7. I can totally relate to everything you've said here. I crave the same for myself, and while I know that the noise of my household is normal while my children are young, I do sometimes find myself longing for a place to go where there is no noise, no complaining, no demands on my time and nobody else to care for. As much as I love caring for others, it's nice to think of being able to do other things too. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I hope you are able to make time for the things you really love, that nourish your soul and make you feel calm and peaceful.

  8. oh I so relate to this. Now that the kids are back to school and the house is quiet with me and my kitties, I can think, or write or dream, or sleep. It is peaceful to be alone and to be in quiet. Wondering how many writers feel the same?
    (hubby comes home at night and that is great but the day time quiet is wonderful)

  9. "Funny" timing on this one. Just this past Monday, a friend and I were having a conversation about dreaming and how so often it's hard to dream. On the way to our destination we saw a billboard that said "Dare to Dream" and we took that as a sign. We went shopping a bit and then on the way home in a totally different part of the city, we saw another billboard that said "Dreams DO Come True". Well. There's your sign...

    Hoping you find the peace and quiet you long for.

  10. Great post! I wholeheartedly agree. Seems that nowadays everyone is more focused on having their say than in listening to others. I'd never thought of it before, but you are correct that blogging is an activity where people do pay attention to your words.

  11. That is a beautiful dream and a wonderful imagined room! I'd like to be in that room!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday!x

  12. Have a happy - and peaceful and quiet - birthday, Chel. Hopefully, your dream will come true. :o)

  13. You are not alone. I think we all yearn for that special place of peace and quiet where we can hear our thoughts and enjoy whatever dream is waiting in our hearts. I hope you find a place that you can make your own. You sound like a very good listener and that is rare to find today. Mostly, I find everyone wants to talk....Happy Birthday....

  14. I can almost picture myself in your peaceful "room."

  15. I think it's all a question of balance. At present I work among people all day, much of the time amongst those with learning difficulties which means that I have to adjust my personality to their needs; I get home in the evening and want nothing but peace and quiet. However some years ago I worked on a farm and spent long hours working alone; then I craved company in the evenings and visited the pub most nights. Soon I shall be retiring; how will I balance my life then?

  16. Such wonderful words, and yes dreams are so important, I know what you mean when you say peace and quiet and you don't mean to upset, but we sometimes need that space.
    Love the picture you created of the room!xx

  17. Sweet Chel - belated Happy Birthday dear. I'm hoping your birthday was a really special day and that all the days ahead will be even better.

    Finding peace and quiet in life is definitely one of the hardest things in this day and age. For us, the women of the world, it seems to revolve around the fact we just try to be non-stop 'Superwomen'. The more we do the more is expected of us
    and the more stress we have to contend with. Just pace yourself best you can and learn to say "NO"! I used to always be the one who agreed to help everyone with their problems too - but now I say "sorry but I can't" when I realize it's not beneficial to me. Selfish? Perhaps a little, but at my age I feel I've earned it. My health, both physical and emotional is more important and I must use my energy to take care of me. Of course I still do a lot for loved ones come to think of it!

    Love your thoughts on what blogging means to you, and I for one am so happy you continue. I can see your lovely blog means a lot to you Chel - and we love it too!

    Love and hugs - be good to yourself.
    Mary x

  18. I was watching a show the other night where the husband found receipts from a hotel and automatically assumed his wife was having an affair. In the end, he found out that she was renting a hotel room once a week to enjoy a long bath, a chick movie and breakfast in bed, uninterrupted by her husband, children and dog. I can relate. I could totally use this - even if it was once a month. I find the only time I can be alone is early in the morning - before the rest of the family is even stirring.

  19. I was watching a show the other night where the husband found receipts from a hotel and automatically assumed his wife was having an affair. In the end, he found out that she was renting a hotel room once a week to enjoy a long bath, a chick movie and breakfast in bed, uninterrupted by her husband, children and dog. I can relate. I could totally use this - even if it was once a month. I find the only time I can be alone is early in the morning - before the rest of the family is even stirring.

  20. Dear Chel, Happy Belated Birthday. I believe that someday your dreams will come true. Peace and Quiet is more sweet when it's well-earned. After raising children, it's definitely well-earned!

  21. This sounds like my desk and work area on my sun porch. What I need is the peace and quiet. I love having my daughter home, but I need more time to myself to do the work I want to do, but always put aside for others. I told my husband today, that I need to reclaim my self-imposed "work days" and get back to being productive. Tuesdays and Thursdays, is it too much to ask, I don't think so.

  22. Your dream is delightful and so suited to you; can you implement it piece by piece? Do one element of it at a time like a lamp and a desk, and assemble your dream room a bit at a time.

  23. This is what Virginia Wolf wished for every woman, a room of her own.


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