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Saturday, 5 September 2015

I Climbed a Cathedral - Again!

Just drink in that view, don't worry I'll do the leg work but I do hope you have a head for heights!  It's a bit of a climb!

For those of you who can remember me climbing Peterborough Cathedral last year (my post is here) you can understand my eagerness to climb the other side of this fantastic historical building as soon as I could.  Well, the time came, high vis jackets, hard hats, and of course suitable trousers and shoes were worn (Marilyn Munro moments would not be appropriate!) and the climb started.  So, as you sit there with your hot coco, cupcake and snuggly slippers, let me show you the other side of the Cathedral taking care not to trip up on any workmen equipment along the way!

Yes, it's high but there are no ladders, thankfully.  Little groups of stairs rise up to take you higher to show off the City spread out around this building.

We kept looking out towards Peterborough City with every level and the range of buildings that we could see in the distance.

But let's get to the main reason why I was up here again... the architecture!

The Cathedral is going through some quite extensive works at the moment to keep this building at its best, considering its age of nearly 900 years old!  The gargoyles have gradually over time relinquished their looks, but this one is fortunate in not being exposed to so much of the elements at this height, compared to his neighbours.

Some of the stonework needs replacing and the patience of the stonemasons with this exact craft is evident.  The damaged stone is removed, measured and the details are taken off site to experts in this field.

The new stone is carved to exact measurements and specifications...

... and then the work begins to reinstate the stone...

The colour will fade with time, but I admire the patience and dedication to replace these stones.

As we went up to each level, we could see more stone that had been replaced, but just being close to any of the stone at this high level was enough to make me smile.

The dummy towers that contain stone stairs inside that leads to who knows where.

Can you see them through the mesh? (the camera was not playing fair!).

Stone columns and lead glass windows greeted us at every turn of the scaffolding stairs.

Along with stonemason kit.  I loved seeing things such as these dotted around.

I could go on and on with all the wonderful things I saw up here with the stone, BUT, the views - that's what you want to see isn't it now I am at the top?!  I'll stop with the commentary and you can join Mr Badger in looking out over Peterborough City from between the turrets of Peterborough Cathedral (you can learn more about Mr Badger's visit with me from my post here and about Hygge here - he is on his way down to Essex now).

The Deanery
Through the scaffolding across Cathedral Square, St John the Baptist and in the distance, Thorpe Hall

On this side of the Cathedral sits the bell tower, with its louvered sides and protection from the elements.

I just managed to get my camera to pick up the outlines of two of the bells - no easy task I can tell you!

And so, with the bells tolling 4 o'clock, it was time to descend from this steel and wood maze.

A wonderful. leisurely trip and even though the weather had closed in, the views were still spectacular, and to walk around something so ancient and usually out of reach was made extra special.  Especially when peering into one of the small windows to see the ancient windlass which is one of three in the country still in situ from when the Cathedral was built and the stone was winched by this into position.

No, I don't know who S Poegee is, other than someone who is about to celebrate a birthday! :)

And so, the descent began through the maze of tubes, boards and safety nets.

No matter how many times I see this building, it always surprises me with its beauty.

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments, I am gradually getting back into the swing of things and little Tia is getting to know us better so new routines are now in place.  It takes a while doesn't it.

With my birthday next week I plan on taking it easy - even though the routines of my two teens being back at school and college and me in the full swing of work again will probably make sure I don't!!

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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  1. What an amazing view from up the top! Well done for the climb - rather you than me, even without stiletto heels (do girls actually still wear those things anyway?!) Lovely details of the architecture. I like seeing The Deanery from above too.

  2. Stunning photos of the views from the cathedral and the architecture, but when I saw you climbed on the outside the stairs of the scaffolding I was shivering, I should not like to do that.

  3. Wonderful views and great to see all the restoration work. I climbed Coventry Cathedral's tower on 1st for CDP's Theme Day. I was shocked to have my legs sore the next day :). Well done. Nice blog post.

  4. What a great restoration project and stunning views, a great post. Hope you have a great birthday.

  5. Hooray! Lucky Mr. Badger! He is a good climber, huh? Thank you SO much for playing along, Chel! You are a fine hostess and tour guide! (BIG HUG!)

  6. Hooray! Lucky Mr. Badger! He is a good climber, huh? Thank you SO much for playing along, Chel! You are a fine hostess and tour guide! (BIG HUG!)

  7. oh my I could not ever get that high, you are a brave soul for sure. thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  8. Fabulous views & experience. I hope you have a lovely birthday (it's mine soon too!) xx

  9. I have a fear of heights so would never get past the first level! it looks scary but what an event for Badger to tick off on his itinerary! Wishing you lots of good things on your forthcoming birthday. Betty

  10. I'm sorry, I had to quit 1/3 of the way up and turn around. *giggle* Heights are not my cup of tea. Glad you and Mr. Badger could carry on. The tower does offer fantastic views. The stone work is amazing. I wish I knew a craft like that. People who can create such fine works that last for centuries help make our lives more interesting. I feel these buildings connect us to our ancestors and our wonderful history. Anyway, hope your day is blessed! ~:)

  11. Looks and sounds like you had fun ! Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  12. Such an amazing and unique experience - not something one would get to do very often. Love that you took so many shots of the details. Those stonemasons of long ago created such beauty with their simple tools. I'm glad to see the restoration going on.
    Have a really wonderful birthday, Chel.

  13. I love the rooftop views from up high! What a job those stone masons have. Happy Birthday to you!

  14. It looks truly amazing!!! I love seeing the repair works up close! Mr Badger must have loved his visit there! I've only been to Peterborough once and that was only to go bowling when I stayed with a friend in Huntingdon! I look forward to Mr Badger's arrival!x

  15. OMGosh Chel that's an impressive climb! I have a bit of a fear of heights so I simply enjoyed viewing your gorgeous photos.

  16. What an incredible and amazing thing to be able to do!!! I am envious of your getting the chance to make a climb like this, and being able to see and take in the spectacular view!!! Wow!!!!!

  17. Oh, over 900 years old, how marvelous. Everything is in good nick considering how long the cathedral has been there. It's wonderful to think it is being restored so people can continue to enjoy it - even at those heights (if you're lucky).
    Have a wonderful week with your little Tia.


  18. I see a lot of beauty.. indeed and incredible views and photo shots ... But oh my goodness over the top WORK - a whole lot of it!

  19. First of all, and most importantly of all, Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope that you have a great day!!!! You will remember that I really enjoyed the virtual trip up the Cathedral last time and I enjoyed it again this time! It is wonderful to see the amazing work that is being carried on to restore this important historic building. How great that Mr Badger got to see it too!! xx

  20. Chel, I enjoyed sipping my morning coffee enjoying the beautiful views, and spectacular stone work. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  21. Chel,
    What fabulous views. Gorgeous. Have a great new week and wonderful birthday.

  22. Happy Birthday, Chel. And WOW! What a super view, well worth the climb.

  23. What a view... Brave you!
    Happy Birthday to you, Chel!
    (And cuddles to the sweet Tia... Post a photo or two of your new family member soon :)

  24. You'd not get me up there in a million years so thanks for going up and taking the photos! I wonder if 12/9/67 was when S. Poegee climbed another scaffolding to get where you went? I hope you didn't graffiti your name there too! ;o)

  25. Oh, what an experience!
    Have a lovely birthday Chel.

  26. Great post - beautiful photos. Its almost like being there in person.

  27. What an interesting post - just looking at those scaffolding steps was making me feel a little shaky! Well done for climbing up there and bringing us some unique views. Hope you have a great birthday x

  28. You are brave Chel, I don't think I could have done that outside the building. I've climbed up the inside of St Paul's and then out onto a gallery, my legs were trembling! Hope you have a happy birthday

  29. Chel- What a great experience. I love that you climbed it and took pictures. A girl after my own heart. That is some amazing reconstruction that is going on there. xo Diana

  30. Ooh you are brave Chel! Thanks for doing the legwork as don't think I could have. Steps are one thing, scaffolding is quite another :-) what a view you and Badger had. And a good close up of the renovations too! xx

  31. I love your climbs, and the restoration process, how wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the view with us.

  32. Seeing those views would be totally amazing but I have a bit of a (fear of heights) now so I'll settle for seeing them through your eyes and your photos. It really is amazing and so awesome.

  33. Urg. I felt a bit queasy looking down on the Deanery, but apart from that, I really enjoyed your tour! Those stonemasons are doing an impressive job - such skill. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  34. Oh my Chel! What an adventure and how nice of you to share it with us! I want to wish you a Happy and Blessed Birthday. I saw it on Facebook earlier and did not have a chance to send a wish to you then. Have a delight filled rest of the week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  35. Hi Chel,
    Wow how exciting for you to climb up the cathedral again and take amazing photos. I'm very afraid of heights so I think you are brave.
    I'm so glad it's working out with Tia. Good luck with the kids going back to school.
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
    Hugs, Julie xo

  36. Dear Cheryl,
    Mr Badger arrived safely. Thank you very much for my lovely postcard and pencil, that was a lovely thought!x


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