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Saturday, 13 October 2012

This and That

Autumn is well underway now, the misty, crispy starts. The sun glaring in whilst driving waking up the day. The panic of first thing in the morning where it is still dark outside but it's time to get up. Love it!

After finishing my last project, the granny stripe blanket, I have seen another blanket that has given me some inspiration on Ravelry, so I am settling into making a couple of squares per night that will grow and grow into a very bold colourful statement.

Take a look on Dorset Knitwit's page it is beautiful.  And then there is this absolutely stunning blanket, take a look on Flowers and Waves' page the best I've ever seen!!  

I have family coming round today so have been racking my brain for something to make for afternoon tea, just nibbles before they go on to my parents.  There is a wonderful caterer that I have used at work and they make the most gorgeous buffet, so I have taken a note of what I can put on cocktail sticks:

Apricots, cream cheese and parma ham:
(cut open the apricot, fill with cream cheese and wrap in parma ham).

Olives, peppers and feta cheese:
(just cut the pepper and the feta cheese into squares and spear with the cocktail stick adding the olive).

Sausages and silverskin onions:
(just cocktail sausages cut in half with silverskin onions).

To finish off some lovely houmous and parsnip crisps, that should do it!

I've just been in my garden too to look at the plants and if there were any flowers that I could cut.  Oh dear! My last rose is just trying to give a last show before it goes to sleep again...

Well, best now get ready for my guests.  The smell of fresh coffee is filling the air and making the house smell delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend in whatever you are doing. XX

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