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Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Quick Walk Around Spalding

Well, after last night's Pumpkin Parade, I thought I'd have a quick walk around Spalding to get some essentials as it was market day.  It was a lovely morning, crisp but the sun was glorious and warm.  We park in the centre of town and one of the things they have in Spalding is the Water Taxi.  This takes you from the centre of Spalding to the Springfields Shopping Outlet along the river.  My children have both steered the boat along the river and they now have certificates that they present on board.

The river did look calm and peaceful tonight compared to last night's huge event.

 and the Autumnal colours are just starting to make their appearance.

Up against the blue sky it certainly makes me feel that Autumn is finally here.
and the colours are beginning to change at home too.

On the grape front, we have loads and loads, only wish that one of my past times was wine making!  All I can do is look at them with a smile.

On the project front, I've just started doing a granny square blanket with black bobble edging.  It's taking about one evening to do a square, but it is keeping me going while I think of something different to do such as how on earth can I make blankets small enough for my dollshouse??!

Have a lovely weekend.

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