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Friday, 19 October 2012

Monday to Friday

It's been a bit of a mixed bag really this week.  One of those week's that you think will never end and when the weekend comes you think...where did that week go?

Each day of the week starts with the normal running around getting the kids ready for school, bags packed, uniform on...correctly!! and then setting myself ready for the day.  Then the daily drive to Peterborough watching the gradual process of the day breaking, people saying goodbye and all going on their individual journeys.  I work in an absolutely wonderful and privileged environment and one of the most amazing scenes I see each morning is the view from my car window as I cross the Cathedral precincts to my office.  It is a beautiful sight, more so in the darker evenings when the flood lights illuminate the Cathedral.  I can never be tired of this view.  My office actually overlooks the side of the Cathedral from a medieval building which had replacement windows - back in Victorian times!  With the darker nights I tend to be whisked away to what could be Dickens times, especially as the hustle and bustle of Peterborough can't be heard where we are.  I imagine the centuries of people who have worked and lived in this small part of Peterborough and the Cathedral still stands there, magnificent in its beauty and authority.

When the snow came down last year, my walk to work from the car and around the precincts felt like I had walked through a wardrobe and into Narnia especially with the old Victorian lamp posts on the driveways.

Occasionally during what feels a long week,  we feel the need for a coffee break during the day and head to the coffee bar.  This week I had a thumping headache but the sweetness of the coffee along with the beautiful aroma was a tonic in itself.  Our job is so varied that we can't predict what the next call or visitor will bring and sometimes we just need a brief spell away to reflect and collect our thoughts before going back to fresher minds.  I work with a great bunch of people and most of the time it just feels like you coming home to family, so refreshing.

But the week has now ended and Friday has now met the evening.

So, as a treat to myself and my daughter (my son thinks he is too old to go??!!), I decided that we would have a visit to the Circus.   I have been watching the Circus go about their business each morning and evening when I drive up to the roundabout that then takes me to work and home.  The wonderful tents, the exciting lights, the very large trailers containing the sequinned costumes and stage make up.  So, as they were only a couple of miles away from us, which makes a change as we usually have to travel miles to get anywhere, I thought I would take her to try and recapture the moment of amazement in her eyes back when she was tiny.  Just one problem, I am one of those people who is petrified of clowns!  So, I never sit near the ringside and true to form we sat at the top and the back only to be faced with an 11 foot clown!!.

The show was the best I have seen for a long time.  Varied, flowing, sequins, dry ice, laughter, clapping, magic, trapeze, acrobatics.  Worth every penny!  I jumped a couple of times when I thought someone was going to fall which made my daughter laugh out loud.

My favourite moment?...the fire eater!  Amazing!!

So with the week finally finished, it is time to relax...well do the house chores and be 'taxi' for the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend with whatever you are doing. XX

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  1. I just found your blog today and I'm a total follower now! I used to live in Hull... a poor American in northern England... it was quite the experience! I miss the area so much!


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