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Saturday, 27 October 2012

An Autumn Walk

Yes, I know, I should have a paintbrush in my hand, and yes it has happened...to one wall (I need to think about the drastic change of colour from magnolia to green before I carry on).  I bought the paint yesterday, and had it specially mixed so I could have the right green and that hubby didn't have a heart attack when he saw the colour!!  But, because the sun was out, something that has been a rare occurrence over the last few days (you can tell I am English I talk about the weather alot!!), we decided to have a walk in the crispy, windy cold air to blow a few cobwebs away and take lots of photos of this wonderful, exquisite time of year.

Autumn, I find to be a very cosy and colourful time of year.  The multi coloured sunsets, oh how I love capturing these in the early evenings.  I was lucky enough to capture this one a couple of nights ago, and must say I half blinded myself in the process, but the way the pylons show against the sky makes them look more like an architectural achievement than the cold grey monstrosities that show their faces during the day.

Our walk took us to The Deeping Lakes Nature Reserve near Crowland.

It was the first time Bex and I had been along but my hubby and Luke are regulars.  It was absolutely glorious...cold, but glorious in all its autumnal beauty.

This was the view from one of the hides across a lake.  The blue sky and the rippled water from the chilly wind was breathtaking.

This view was taken as we were walking alongside one of the lakes.

The vibrant reds of the berries and leaves...

The rich browns, greens and rustic yellows along the many glades...

And the greys and oranges of mushrooms...yes, many types, don't ask me what they are though...

I love the crispy leaves beneath my feet...

I love to see un-uniform trees...

I love to see the way bark forms along and marries up with its surrounding foliage over time...

And I adore my kids walking happily together, no arguments!

But, oh dear, I had to take a photo of this on the way back.  The one thing that is truly remarkable about living on the Fens in Lincolnshire, is that you get to see what is coming weather wise (here I go again on the weather).  Just look what was waiting for us at home...

Have a lovely weekend with whatever you are doing. XX


  1. I love your blog and we seem to have a lot in common - apart from the spider thing :) your charlie is gorgeous! We have a ruby who is ten now and likes to sleep a lot. Thanks for stopping by my blog x

  2. What a lovely day for a walk! Your pictures have captured the season beautifully!
    Thanks for the friendly comment on my blog. Come visit again and become a Follower if you enjoy your stay.

    I see your blog is VERY new so I have joined you growing follower list. Looking forward to many more pics from my favourite vacation destination - the UK!!
    Bronwyn @ Queen B Creative Me

  3. Some lovely autumnal pics! I starting to learn to love Autumn these days too :) Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I did enjoy my cozy candlelit evening. It's something I'll have to re-create I think :)

    Sandra x


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