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Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Have you opened your first door to your Advent calendar yet?  Happy 1st December to you all.

After so much enjoyable (and long winded) work making hearts, bunting, baubles and birdies, it was time to put them all on the tree and around the fire place.  I decided to make a start on this when the children went to school (I had a day off work) and set about making sure the lights would still be working and that at least some of the old decorations (ones with memories) would still remain on the tree.  Then, the fun part!  Adding my little creations to give the tree a real homely, cosy look.  What do you think?

I am so so so pleased with the results.  It was incredibly gratifying to see everything taking shape and fitting in perfectly with the living room.

The fireplace was already adorned with the bunting from last weekend, no one wanted it taken down, so with a new garland and lights in place, my two ladies on the mantelpiece were beautifully lit up for the Christmas festivities.  And from the hall, the reflections of the tree are satisfying looking through the mirror.

We found this lovely colourful garland to adorn my Grandparents old convex mirror, which has the ability to peek around corners and show the twinkly lights of the lounge.

My favourite windowsill of the house is in the kitchen, so obviously this had to have the start of the decorations added.  Just simple things, but red, to give the warmness and cosiness of the room.

So that is the house so far.  Still oodles and stroodles to do, but the smell of the pot pourri and the sparkling lights are getting us all in the mood.

And, how's this for a display of decorations in the local garden centre at Baytree.  I could see granny squares, bobble stitching, felt and wool and all the time saying...I could do that, that is a good idea etc etc!

Aren't they brilliant!!

Finally, in the hall it was lacking my usual flowers so got some of my favourite lillies along with a few red roses to brighten up the hall table.  My gift to you this weekend...

Have a lovely weekend with whatever you are doing. XX


  1. Your tree looks beautiful, all the more for all the crafty work you've put in to it. I have put up the advent calender, there is a family birthday next week, and then I can really get in to the xmas spirit!
    Wendy x

  2. The more home-made the tree decorations are, the better! I love the puffy hearts the best!


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