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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Festive Bunting

Just had to share my 'Ta Dah' moment of the bunting finally being finished!  I have just tried it against the fire place and look, doesn't it look amazing?!  I am so proud of this project (thank you for the tutorial Lucy at Attic 24).

It pretty much took over the study last night...

Now to carry on with the festive shopping for a suitable garland to join this lovely little project.

I love 'Ta Dah' moments!  XX


  1. Oh! This turned out so well! I love the edging in black - it really makes the bunting pop off of your mantel. Did you crochet the holly or are they cut form felt??

    1. Hi, the holly was crocheted and I added some red felt berries. They didn't take long to do, and again the tutorial is from Attic 24. What a talented lady!!


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