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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Weekend of Crafts and Decorating...finally!

Do you realise, I have been so busy with this, that and everything, that I bought my two favourite magazines a few weeks ago and STILL haven't read them!  I've become engrossed in everyone's blogs and the amazing, imaginative talent there is out there that I have neglected the use of my thumbs and fingers to turn the pages of magazines and books!

So, after a weekend of really getting down to it and finally decorating the living room and the dining room, rearranging the furniture and working on my Christmas decorations, it's now time to rectify this with a snuggly blanket, a cosy dark evening and a flick through the mags.

The news on my rainbow baby blanket has been restarted :o(  I went a bit wrong with my counting and I had dips where there should have been waves and a side that was jutting in and out.  I must have been very tired when I started it.  So, all unpicked and we have a new creation beginning.  I love this pattern that I am using from Attic 24 and once you get the initial couple of rows it becomes so easy and gratifying.  The different colours of the rainbow are beginning to take shape and I am so happy and content with each stitch that it will surround my niece/nephew next May.  YES!!  I am FINALLY going to be an Auntie!!  I never ever thought this would happen but we all received the official news last week and I am so so so happy I could burst!

My mum went to Kings Lynn last week, and bought me some beautiful pastel coloured ribbon, perfect for my gorgeous hearts that will be decorating my Christmas tree this year.  Another tick off my list!

But then, I remembered Attic 24's bauble decorations, so decided to have a little go with these.

Well at 12:30 last night I thought best put the hook down as my hands were tired (they did have a paintbrush in them all day!) and I still had the dining room to do on Sunday.  These are so quick to do, so effective and beautiful.  I am so excited and I can't wait to hit the shops to buy some beautiful beads and bells to go on these amazing little decorations.  What would we do without Lucy at Attic 24!  Her tutorials are so easy to follow and her ideas are down to earth and achievable with the most fantastic results.  Once I've made enough, I think I will have enough time to make the bunting too for the fire place.  Creative juices are really flowing now I have a bit of a blank canvas to work to in the living room (a good clear out is always a good thing).

So, with the living and dining room now painted and ready for oodles and strudels of colour to be injected, I can now settle down to get serious on the hooky front.

P.S/  Coco decided to be helpful and be a paintbrush today!  Sigh......

Have a good week everyone. XX

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  1. Yay! You're going to be an aunt!! I have been waiting for that, too. Neither of my sisters are married (aged 32 and 34) and I am getting quite impatient. Even my kids are saying, "when are we going to get an UNCLE??!"
    Your blanket looks cozy and colourful and the rippling - perfect! Looking forward to pics of your newly painted room!


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