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Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Cushion To Warm Your Heart

Other than my favourite pink, green and white combination of colours, I also have a red and white fascination ever since reading a book as a child called Snow White and Rose Red.  Ever since, the two colours together  have made me think of my childhood and I have longed to have a rose garden with just the two colours in all their glory.

After making lots of festive bunting, baubles and hearts, I found myself crocheting small dainty hearts.  I then set to work to make the nice warming red cushion.  Just circles and circles of htr stiches (half trebles) gradually increasing with each row.

It got bigger and bigger and my imagination started to get stronger and stronger.

It would be pure and simple, red and white, red for the cushion as a warming backdrop and white hearts embellishing this with cute little red and white buttons to embellish the hearts.

And then bobble stitches around the finished side.

Then finishing the simple hearts with the white hearts being a little bigger than the red.

And look at these lovely little embellishments.

Then I had a little play around on how these would sit on the cushion.  It looked like a massive jam tart!

I am so pleased with the result and it can now sit in my comfy corner of the living room.

Once this was done, it was time to remind the other members of the family to start on the outside of the house (well it wasn't raining!).  So off they went into the garage and out came my little pom pom lights for my weeping pear and the string of lights for the front. It's starting to take shape...

I just need to get a Christmas tree for by the front door and finish the wreath I am making.  My fingers are so sore!!

We didn't go out much last week apart from to work and I had one of my "beautiful" migraines on Friday, but I decided to take my mum and the kids to Springfields in Spalding to have a look at their winter wonderland.  They have only decorated half of the area this year, but the tree looked lovely...

The 'witches' tree looked different...

and the crowns looked very sweet as you entered the shopping outlet.

Next weekend is going to be fantastic!  There is going to be a Christmas Fayre in Peterborough Cathedral's precincts.  This will be laid on by Vivacity who held the Heritage Weekend in the Summer.  My post on this is here.  If you are in the area, this will be worth your while, if not, pictures will be on here next week!!

Have a lovely weekend and week...we are nearly at the big day!



  1. What a lovely cheerful cushion. Love the other one on the chair too!


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