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Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Walk Along the River at Spalding

Well the summer holidays have now begun.  Six weeks of trying to juggle work and entertaining two teenagers, no mean feat!  And, wasn't this the worst thing when summer holidays started?  Straight away every shop had 'Back to School' emblazoned on the front of their windows.  My philosophy is get it out of the way right at the beginning, the shops are full with items, the children still have the teachers voices and school bells ringing in their ears rather than the end of the holiday where anxiety kicks in the new year, homework and hoping they get their favourite teachers.  The satisfaction of everything ticked off the list (I love lists) and then just to enjoy the rest of the time off with them. 

Looking out of my window this morning I saw a rare sight...SUN, and blue skies!  It looks as though the jet stream has finally moved so that we get some warm sunshine at last.  This will mean I can finally do the 'spring/autumn' clean!

But first a nice trip into Spalding with Bex.  The sun had disappeared behind a cloud for a little while, but it was lovely to go across the bridge without an umbrella.

 It was as though the flags were out for the blue skies!!
 and, how lovely to see some youngsters enjoying the sun!

When we got back from our little drive the sun was well and truely out and it was great to finally take some pictures of the flowers in the sun!!

 Everything is so overgrown now due to not being able to get out and prune, so making the most of the dry spell to trim everything. 

We also went to a wonderful place called Butters where you can get some really cheap plants, those that you buy in other leading retailers at a fraction of the cost.  I bought this wonderful plant for only 4 pounds!  It has given a cheery flash of instant colour to the front of the house.

 And as for the trimming, this is Coco after her trim!  She was exhausted at the end of it...along with me!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone xx

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