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Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Baking Day

The rain was ridiculous today, relentless, cold and falling like stair rods.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this type of weather.  I truly love the cosiness it brings to my home and that the family are all together.  But, it just hasn't stopped over the last few weeks.  Just brief spells of warm sunshine and then guaranteed rain.  This is my garden this morning, mid July, the splashes of colour that usually cover my garden with cheery loveliness are spashes of more water!

So, with the housework done yesterday on a day off from work, I decided today would be 'A Baking Day'.  I went on the BBC Good Food website and found this recipe for some tasty triple cheese and onion muffins.
My Luke helped as the weather was even getting him down.  There's lots of ingredients going in but the result was absolutely delicious!

The wet ingredients

The dry..and lots of cheese!

Ready for the oven

A gentle mix

Ta Dah!
The savoury done, now was the time for raspberries and white chocolate!!  So with the bread in the oven and dolmades rolled and cooking slowly on the hob, time for some yummy sweetness!!

Again, this recipe was from the BBC Good Food website.  This website is really good as you can create an account and save your recipes in your own binder.  It's also good as you can read everyone's comments on how to improve the recipe.  This time Bex joined me.  Mention chocolate and she comes running, especially as she had spent a day at Cadbury World yesterday...Heaven!!  So with the ingredients for raspberry and white chocolate muffins, we set to work.

 The raspberries redness added real warmth to my day!
 So easy and so scrummy!!
 So with savoury and sweet muffins, freshly baked bread and freshly baked soda bread...and the dolmades still bubbling away, I have had a very very productive and enjoyable day in my corner of the house.  I had some lovely quality time with Luke and Bex, and then a bonus....
...The sun came out...albeit very briefly before the next storm.

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