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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Updating the Shabby Chic Greenhouse

A dry day, a plan that was in my head for weeks, the satisfaction of the quietness and being able to complete a job.  Yes!  At last, the staging in my greenhouse is now white.  The difference was amazing.  Still many small jobs to get the greenhouse just right, but I thought I'd dress it a bit just to show the menfolk on their return from fishing, just how a greenhouse can be 'shabby chic'd'.  I put my summer bunting up to brighten the sides and above the back door to the greenhouse and watched my hubby's face.  The reaction was good...thankfully.  I am hoping that this will spur him into clearing the plants that have had a huge growth spurt around it.



SO PLEASED!!!  Still some way to my perfect shabby chic greenhouse, but I have come so far.  So satisfied!
The summer holidays are about to start for my two.  I am taking odd days off here and there during this year's holiday.  Working for a wonderful place as I do, this is possible and so I have been filling my evenings on how I can surprise them each week.  The summer holidays are far too long and my two get bored so quickly.  My plan is to get the dreaded uniform shopping out of the way at the beginning so I don't depress them near the end of their holiday.  So the rest of the time can be for their enjoyment and rest.

So happy that I have completed one job on my list.  Oh and by the way, the sun shone today!!


  1. This looks so fresh and clean! I envy you having the space for a greenhouse. Like you, so many jobs to do and the sun shining certainly helps us get on.

  2. Your greenhouse looks gorgeous, just the look I'm after. Did u buy your pink shelving or make it? Love it x

  3. Absolutely love it, just the look I'm wanting for mine, plus a little chair in the corner. How did u do your pink shelving please xx

    1. Hi, we made it ourselves and just used white chalk paint to give the brightness we needed. Hope you have success x

    2. Hi, we made it ourselves and just used white chalk paint to give the brightness we needed. Hope you have success x

  4. Thanku, will have a good go at it. Keep u posted on progress x


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