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Friday, 30 December 2016

A Visit from Jack Frost

And so I come to the last blog post of 2016.  With camera fully charged, Tia sitting in the back of the car, and me with fingerless gloves ready to keep warm but able to press the shutter, it was time to escape the house that had been my 'prison' for the Christmas period (I love the lead up, but the actual day itself?  Not so keen!).  While preparing my  butternut squash and parsnips for home made soup later on and the bread maker in full kneading stage, I looked out of the window and saw that Jack Frost had been for a visit.  The ice glistening on every remaining leaf, the roof tiles rippled like an icy lake. I was not going to waste this morning. 

Tia hadn't been on the Fen for such a long time, instead I have been taking her on dark walks on her lead around the quiet village we live in.  This depresses her, so as she sat in the back of the car, she wasn't sure what we were doing or where she was going.  We stopped at a junction and then the familiar view of the Fen met her eyes and her excitement was a joy to hear.

I couldn't wait to start walking on the firm, icy ground and, as I turned around after locking up the car, Tia was gone, choosing the path to the river.  Walking fast but still within reachable range, running back to me for a hug and rushing off again, so incredibly happy, just like me as I blew away the cobwebs!

Freezing fog lay in the distance, the tree with the broken limb that I focus on each time I come here was now bare but beautifully silhouetted against the grey backdrop.

The metal gate posts frozen with pin point precision as the frost coated every inch.  The metal almost looking like fur.

My familiar camera worked its magic as I continued along the walk, up close and personal to the ice crystals...

... and picking up the laden grasses in the distance by the river.  My equilibrium restored!

The horses that have been walked here for winter, capturing the strong sun that had decided to peek through.

Enjoying the fresh hay from their owners and then trotting around the field, following the sun's warm rays while they could.

I couldn't get enough of my macro shots.  The ice crystals too tactile not to capture.  The seed heads taking on a whole new beauty from their delicious brown autumn shells.

The landscape so fresh and enjoying its slumber before the intensive months ahead.

With fingers, toes and paws numb, it was time to head back and give a sigh of satisfaction.  A week ago I enjoyed my walk in London, and this week I was back on the Fen with Tia and the camera.  It's selfish to say, but I am enjoying my little spaces of personal time, alone with my thoughts and embracing any time I have to just be me again.

And so, the 2016 candle is nearly out.  Some will say they will be glad this year is over, but I have enjoyed some parts of it especially rediscovering who I am now that the Teens are independent.  I have scared myself at times with feelings, changing jobs, having to be accepting to those who have failed me, but I have come out of this year a stronger person and more myself than I have been for years.

It's time now to start thinking of a word for 2017.  I have so many floating around my head, and they are all a little bit selfish, but still have a couple of days to make the final decision.

Wishing all my dear Readers...



  1. Tia is such a cute teddy bear pup!

  2. Beautiful words and pictures Chel. It was lovely to hear how much Tia enjoyed your walk too. I like company on my walks sometimes...but when I'm along I think how wonderful it is :0)
    Happy New Year to you too.
    Love Jacquie x

  3. Beautiful winter photos. Wishing you a very happy new year xx

  4. Frost is very photogenic - we had a walk around the local RSPB reserve yesterday when I learned to my cost that it also has a vicious streak.

  5. I so love your tea and your horses and the landscape ... how stunning it is !
    May the New Year coming sparkle with joy and gladness, peace and health to you and yours, dearest Chel !

    With much love and utmost gratitude

    Xx Dany

  6. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!!

  7. Beautiful photos! They made me shiver. Tia looks so happy. Don't you love to see the joy that a dog has for things so simple as a walk? Wishing you a Happy New Year

  8. Lovely photos, wishing you well in 2017...
    Amanda xx

  9. Beautiful photos :) Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling 2017.

  10. The intricate delicacy of ice crystals is amazing and you've captured it well. First the mystery, then zooming in closer to the sharp details. Just lovely. May your 2017 be filled with joy.

  11. Those are magnificent photos Chel. I can't get over the ice crystal formations. And Tia looks happy to be out and about. She's so beautiful. I've been pondering my word of the year too. It's going to be hard to capture it in one word, I think. Happy new year to you.

  12. Frost here too in south Devon-comes as quite a shock! Beautiful images. Have a happy 2017.

  13. Dear Chel,

    What absolutely gorgeous photos of Jack Frost in action. Not to mention that sweet glimpse of Tia.

    It's been ages since I've been to visit, but I'm glad I stopped by. Your blog is lovely as ever.

    Wishing you a wonderful and Happy New Year!

  14. Jack Frost also visited France and I drove five hours between Paris and Cottage in a frozen fairy tale decor. It was beautiful, but I was also very worried we might find black ice on the road!

  15. What a sweet face Tia has! She is most definitely smiling! Beautiful photos, Chel - the macros are incredible!


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