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Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Visit to Burghley House and The Ha Ha (Part 2)

A Visit to Burghley House @ www.sweetbriardreams.blogspot.co.uk

The day continued to smile on us at Burghley with its blue skies and perfect sunshine to show off the glorious landscape surrounding the house.  It doesn't matter how many times we visit here, it always shows us something new.  This time around it showed off the beautiful gardens of Capability Brown in all its glory.

Autumn was in full flow and this meant camera overdrive for me.  The large space is so welcome to walk and take time to enjoy, especially when I have Mr Teen with me on a rare trip together, just relaxing time, mother and son.

I can't tell you how much I dream of these moments where I can walk amongst the leaves and see avenues of trees and luckily he wanted to do the same.

The house itself sits in the middle of its estate in absolute splendour, surrounded by the most exquisite park land and gardens.

The feast of colour made me smile.  This time of year is magical.

Usually we are followed by the deer that reside here, but with the rutting season most were behind fencing.  One or two were free though just relaxing in the brief sunshine.

The day was perfect to capture autumn and this house through the trees.

I have always wondered what this wall was that surrounds the inner sanctum of the building itself.  Apparently it is called The Ha Ha and was constructed by Capability Brown as a sunken wall in the 18th century to keep the deer herd out of the park while maintaining uninterrupted views across the from the west front of the house.  The renovations were completed in 2012 after 300 meters of limestone wall were replaced.

And so, thoughts now start to focus on Christmas and from looking up at the trees, they were thinking this also with the round balls of festive mistletoe ready to be farmed and displayed in strategic parts of houses.

With the wind blowing outside as I type this and the tree branches naked from leaves, I think we were lucky to capture these moments while we could.  

So that's Autumn and November nearly over.  Now the countdown begins to the big day!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Impressive building and lovely estate grounds! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  2. Beautiful grounds and a lovely introduction into the Christmas period. The mistletoe balls look stunning, I bet it is a feast for the eyes all decked out for the season.

  3. Such lovely framing in the photos, Chel. Can you imagine mowing the lawns? When I see those white berries, they always remind me of eyeballs!

  4. What an enormous building, I love the wide spaces of the Capability Brown gardens and the genial hahas.

  5. I enjoyed your lovely tour and grounds. I love the photo of the deer!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  6. Hi Chel,
    What a wonderful day you've had ~ the special moments with teens are truly to be cherished!
    The house looks so mahestetuc from distance ... The gate and the trees with foliage in red and yellow ... Beautiful!
    I enjoy your posts ~ feel like visiting these great places with you!

  7. Some of the photos remind me of the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. What a lovely place this is!

  8. Oh my! Such a beautiful place. I love the photos of the leaves. What are the white berries. They are so lovely and would be so pretty used in Christmas decorating. I'm glad you had a lovely day out with your son. Those days are rare as they get older. Daughters have so much more in common with their moms and want to do things with them, but those sons are different. They'll always be our little boys though won't they? Have a blessed week my friend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  9. Another lovely visit with you, Chel! Wasn't the autumn marvellous this year? The colours and the warmth seemed to go on and on!

  10. What a beautiful day you and your Mr Teen had! xx

  11. I've attended a wonderful lecture on the history of gardening a few days ago and this garden ticks so many of the points mentioned. So very lovely.

  12. A glorious place to wander in the fall.

  13. This is a beautiful grounds to visit Chel. I enjoyed seeing all the fall colours in the trees and vast lawns. Lovely!

  14. Love Burghley House, a caste, really ! I did not know Mistletoe balls were grown on trees like that !

  15. Your post is really a wonder, my darling Chel !
    Wonderful the place, the day you've made your so beautiful shots in, and wonderful is to remember the amazing Capability Brown and his talent ( I've devoted him quite a lot of posts, I feel enchanted by his ability ) !
    Thank you for sharing this all, my sweetest fiend, I'm going to scroll up your page and watch your gorgeous photographs once more !!!
    I wish you a most beautiful end of the week,
    with gratitude and dear love

  16. Wonderful pictures! The "house" is breathtaking!


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