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Friday, 9 August 2013

Blogger's Block and Pathways

I came across these little signs in a garden at Springfields Shopping Centre in Spalding - it's called the Rebel's Garden!  It's funny how something so simple can strike your imagination and make you think more deeply while you are walking around.
These little signs came at just the right moment as after last week's Greenwich post I have been emotionally drained, so many things were 'up in the air'.  Since then I have been down, I mean really, really down.  I always knew I had not got over the passing of my Grandad but visits to places like Greenwich had to be faced head on...eventually!  But once my post had been published it dawned on me - I was also homesick, not just for the Docklands and Greenwich, but for my life that ended when he died.  However, comment after comment began appearing in my in box - such inspiring, motivational kindness swept through blogland and landed on my screen.  I can't thank you enough!  You stayed with me, you read my words, some of you cried and laughed along with me and didn't make me feel alone.  So thank you again with all my heart and welcome to those new followers who have decided to follow me on my journey.  But, how do I follow last week's post?!  I'm at a loss, I have Blogger's Block.  There are so many paths to go down.  The colourful, attractive, fun path.
The slightly risky one where you may just fall over the edge.
The safe, familiar one.
Or a short journey to bridge the gaps.
Either way, there is always some form of life belt nearby.
The thing is my blogging journey has gone in all directions, the crafts, little journeys, ramblings, photography and gardening  but what I really love is thinking about the writing and how to engage people in the journey I have taken, either through what I have learned in my past life or things I come across on my little travels. Maybe this is a practice for putting together the book that my Grandad didn't ever get to write.  I could go in just one direction but what goes on in my life is so chaotic sometimes!  So, after agonising this week on which direction to take my blog, I have decided to just go with the flow!  Carry on with what has inspired me that week, what has caught my eye and try to capture that in words too.
So my interpretation in the words of the little sign at the beginning of this post is that I will carry on writing my words for those of you who are kind enough to READ my weekly ramblings.  I will now start to REVIEW and put together my Grandad's research and share with you my journey into creating the book he never wrote, and REBEL against time to ensure that I will fit as much in each week as possible including making sure the "Old Curiosity Shop" project really takes off.

There!  A post written with Blogger's block - I didn't do too badly did I?  Normal service will be resumed next week when my 'mojo' would have hopefully returned (Just like this dog's who decided to escape the lead and enjoy life - taken at Greenwich Park last week, the little dog soon joined him!).  A picture can hold so many stories.
And a special thank you to Vicky at Life on Willie Mae Lane, your card through the letter box came at just the right time.  Bless you!

Have a wonderful weekend and I am looking forward to reading your posts!  Have you ever suffered with Blogger's Block?

Take care.


(Remember that if you want to see a larger version of my photos just click on one and a slide will appear)

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  1. I think this sounds like a terrific approach. I'm sorry you've been feeling down but it sounds like you've found a way to feel better. I really enjoy your blog and I'm glad we connected. :)

  2. Hi Chel, yes I have had bloggers block and sometimes if you just write what makes you happy or interests you then ideas start to pop in your head. I think that you did a great job with this post and I love the signs for your garden. It is nice that you shared and took your kids to the places your grandfather took you to. Your children will be there for support for you. I have had a Shandy every night since I have been back from London and I always do a secret toast to you. I can't wait to see the updates on the curiosity shop also! Take care and have a nice weekend and week.

  3. A blog is a personal thing and you are right to let it take you wherever you feel fit. Mine tends to focus on gardening with diversions but I also have a photo blog too.

    I used to feel guilty sneaking in non-gardening topics but if visitors only want to read the gardening type posts they can ignore the other ones can't they?

  4. Oh Chel....I was so enjoying reading this post and then got a little worried that you may take your blog in a different direction when I have come to love the path you have been taking, which is similar to mine. I so enjoy reading about what's on your heart and mind, where you've traveled, your gardens, the Curiosity Shop project and so on. I love reading about ALL of it and I am sure others agree with me. I am so happy you decided to stay on that path...:) And imagine my surprise to see my name at the end of your post! How sweet and I am so happy that little card came at a moment when you needed a little uplifting. Blessings my friend across the pond...;) And...have a wonderful weekend! Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. What a beautiful and fun place to visit and walk. I so enjoy your posts and 'rambles' so I do hope you carry on and share your day to day life with us. Hearing your granddad's story would be very interesting as well. Blessings to you and have a lovely weekend. Pamela

  6. Love your photo's! You are such a wonderful writer...I can't imagine you every having Blogger's block.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Dear Chel, do you need to ask? I am feeling the very same slump - maybe it is the end of summer closing in, or the very tender feelings of past memories like you are experiencing. I only just lost my Dad a year ago, and my Mum just a year before that and they lived within walking distance of me and now there is such a void. A huge void and I know you understand and I know what you are feeling. But we must move forward, we have our own families to consider and we can keep making lovely memories for them. I do understand you wishing to clarify which direction you want to continue in and I have to say, I love your blog, the diversity of it, the many different subjects and places you take us to. I would not change a thing, My Dear. Big Hug xoxo Love your photos of the many pathways <3

  8. I so enjoy your blog every time I read it.
    YES continue to write for your grandfathers memory what a gift that would be for you and for your children.
    Yes focus and yet keep your blog the same as it always has been, pictures and viewpoints that are beautiful, and honest down home truth.
    You are doing good. Keep it up.
    Don't get discouraged. Press on and keep doing it You can and will create a beautiful place.

  9. A very nice transition out of blogger's block, Chel. The photos, as always, are beautiful.

  10. Take care, and do what makes you happy, as its your space. Greenthumb

  11. I just try to say a little something about my photos and words come. Happy weekend to you!

  12. I think sometimes writing a blog post is like filling a small pond with water, you dash back and forth filling it, only to have it empty after you have written your post. That's normal, but remember it will always fill up again.


  13. Well I enjoy your blog very much. I have done a few things like Rurality Thursday, Weekly Top Shot, etc. that help me to find a focus for my posts.

  14. I think that going with the flow is the right way. It's how you'll find your voice, and like anything else, it takes practice. Remember, too, to have fun!

  15. Sorry you have been feeling down lately. I think you have thought of a good way out of the blogger's block. And I agree with what others have said, blogging should be fun and you should blog about whatever you want!
    M x

  16. I'm so sad to read how down you have been but sometimes just writing down your feelings and seeing the words in front of you is excellent therapy. It really helps to come to terms with the bigger issues. I hope that you feel better soon and your writers block passes. Even though I think that you did a brilliant job on this post!
    Rosie xx

  17. I love those three words and they could be a motto. I love reading your posts whatever your topic is.

  18. Write, feel, share - and be you! These are the keys to blogging. Remember-- we all love you for YOU!!

  19. I would never have guessed that you had bloggers block - I always enjoy your posts whatever you write about - you have such a cheery and positive attitude to life - but sometimes life can throw a curved ball which throws you off track for a while. Loved the photos showing your blogging journey!

  20. I have missed a lot of posts lately. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have begun the process of healing. I love how you weaved your story and feelings with your pictures. I have two blogs, one for my gardening and one for my other favorite things to do. I go through ups and downs with both of them, but ultimately the important thing is to do what feels best at the time.... as you said.... go with the flow.


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