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Sunday, 25 August 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 44/52

I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time, yes a whole week off work, let me just relish and savour that thought for a moment... a whole week!  While the kids have been off school it has been very hard for me to tear myself away first thing in the morning when they are still very much in their teenage vegetative coma slumber. But now I can have a lay in and start the day lazily, PJ's on until it is time to go out and drag ask the teenagers too.  Well that's the plan! Whether this will happen is another story!

 ♥ So my first happy I am sharing with Jen at Little Birdie has to be saying a 'see you soon' to this wonderful place I call work.  It truly is a fantastic place and I am so privileged and lucky to work within its precincts.  The Cathedral always makes me smile when I drive across this path.
 ♥ My second happy is saying 'I told you so' to my two teens.  All those years I was saying 'look at the huge weetabix in the fields' and their faces and tuts said it all - yes I was right!
 ♥ My third happy was a little trip to Hunstanton today which started off very cloudy but ended up warm (but not hot - I don't do hot!).  Very busy being a bank holiday weekend but we managed to find a little corner on the quieter end of the beach where the dog walkers are.
 ♥ My fourth happy has to be a trip we have planned for next week at The Beamish Museum in Co Durham.  This will be a small family reunion and a long train journey but to meet in such a great living museum will be brilliant.  Photos to follow in next week's post.

So a short one this week due to all the planning and school shopping going on but I do plan on having a couple of mornings in my pj's!

I hope you all have a very happy week as I certainly will, especially with the amount of photos that I'll be taking! 

Take care. 


 (Remember that if you want to see a larger version of my photos just click on one and a slide will appear)

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  1. Make sure you do get those PJ days Chel! and enjoy everything in between x

  2. What a great idea, 52 weeks of happy. And so much nicer to read on a blog post then the doom and gloom of lately..lol.


  3. Lovely Chel - always in awe of where you work! Beamish was our 'go to' place when my family used to live in the North East - I haven't been for many years now but still remember the old shops and delicious fish and chips. You'll love it! Looking forward to some pics x Jane

  4. Lovin' the photos Chel! Have a fabulous week off work and enjoy being thoroughly lazy if you please! You deserve it...:) Can't wait to see photos from your trip to the museum this week....enjoy!

    Blessings my friend,
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. Hi Chel, wishing you a wonderful week off work and looking forward to your next post! Take care.

  6. Enjoy your week off and take lots of pics to share. Pamela

  7. Have a fantastic week off!!! Those bits of happy are wonderful...your photos are gorgeous!!!! You live in such a beautiful part of the world!!!

  8. We went to the Beamish Museum years ago, it was a brilliant day out. Love all the pics, it is pretty good knowing where the wheat is going.

  9. Love your picture, especially that unusual one of the beach. Enjoy your time off.

  10. How wonderful to work in such a wonderful place! Glad you are enjoying your pj days! I hope you have a great time at Beamish:)

  11. Oh Chel! Enjoy this teim off. You deserve it! You've got a lot of adventures planned - can't wait to hear all about them! (Love that Weetabix sign, by the way!)

  12. Oh I so hope you enjoy your holiday and the trips you have planned. And isn't it nice to ever once in awhile say "I told you so"!! giggle. The cathedral that you work is breathtakingly beautiful.

  13. Everybody needs a break AND pj days! Soak it in!

  14. I hope you're relaxing and taking it easy today! Love your happy list and all of the fun you've had. We've been stuck at home this summer and I can't wait to get out on some adventures! Sweet hugs!


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