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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Call the Midwife

NO, I haven't got some special news but I bet the title got your attention!  No, this post is a continuation from my latest visit to Kent and a wonderful place to see indeed... Chatham Dockyard.  This informative and huge site has been used for many TV series, such as Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge, SS-GB, The Halcyon, Close to the Enemy, The Crown and many more.

And so, a picture heavy post once again dear Readers, but there was a lot to capture and a lot to experience.  Have you got your cup of tea and fruit cake in hand?  Here we go...

First and foremost, this is a dockyard and is full of all that you would expect.  Ropes in all shapes and sizes...

Metal from tools of the trade...

... chains...

... and more chains (I seem to like capturing metal work!)...

Chatham Dockyard certainly was a feast for my eyes and I loved capturing all manner of different artefacts, patterns and textures.  None more so than in the The Victorian Ropery

The Ropery is ENORMOUS!  Half a mile long to enable enormous ropes to be manufactured.  This is still in operation today and the size will take your breath away.

The workers even ride bikes to get from end to end to carry out their work.

Now ladies, when visiting an historic dockyard, please take heed of your apparel!  Believe me, I love to wear jeans and a top but for some stupid reason (top very creased), I decided to wear a dress.  BAD DECISION... HUGE! As well as negotiating ladder like stairs on boats, there is the problem of climbing through cramped holes while taking a tour of a submarine!  Some couldn't get through and gave up on the tour, however me being me, one leg through and then hoist into the next section.  The result, four enormous bruises on left leg.  The things I do for you lot!  However HMS Ocelot is well worth a visit to experience the cramped conditions inside.  If you would like to look inside the submarine (whose operations are still covered under the Official Secrets Act) without the risk of bruises then take a look at the link from Google Maps here.

Next door is HMS Gannet which is part of the National Historic Fleet  (of course my beloved Cutty Sark is on this list too).

But let's just have a look around the Dockyard and see the buildings that have been used as backdrop to the programmes, especially Call the Midwife...

If I had enough time I would have walked around with the tour but you do need a full day to see everything here.  If you are in the area I would recommend that you visit this place and definitely go on this tour to get the exact locations for the different scenes used.  The tickets for the dockyard can be used for a year which is always an added bonus in my book.

Have a wonderful weekend (especially those enjoying a Bank Holiday... always lovely to have that extra time to relax).


  1. The title may have grabbed me, but the photos and great tour kept me.
    Lovely post.
    Connie :)

  2. I agree with Connie, what a great post you certainly took us on a wonderful tour.

  3. What a great tour you gave us. I haven't been to Chatham but it is definitely on my list now. Thanks for the advice about clothing. Always good to be prepared.

  4. Always enjoy traveling through the photos of others. Thank you for sharing. Found you on Google+


  5. A really interesting visit (which I nearly missed!) I love how the workers ride their bikes to and fro to get to their various points of work! Lovely captures of everything you visited!

  6. Oh, I did recognise the streets from the series, which we get in France, and in English, which is a bonus!


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