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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Night Time at the Cathedral

Now, before I start this post properly, I need to say "don't shoot the messenger".  This post is about an event held at Peterborough Cathedral and after posting a couple of my shots on social media there were a couple of negative comments because the Cathedral hosted an event that was show casing cars.  I can understand if some find this a bit uncomfortable, however how I saw this was that the Cathedral was absolutely full of different faiths, ages, races etc all in awe of their surroundings.  The Cathedral was alive!  And, as a personal opinion, it was a wonderful sight to see.  So, please view this post through my eyes... someone who loves to see history up close and personal, not in books, someone who loves meeting people from all walks of life and enjoying their story, someone who will capture positivity and life that makes her smile.  So, to stop any debate on a negative front, I have decided not to have comments this week, my blog is a positive one, one about my photography and not one to bring my readers down.  A bit radical I know, but there is enough negativity in this world and I personally don't like to read about it.  So, if you are still with me, come along with me and let me take you by the hand to an event in Peterborough Cathedral, an event that was presented so well and very well attended...

My goal was to be on one of the Tower Tours, to climb the centuries old circular stairs while the events took place below me.  Mr Teen was going to drool over the cars which were currently shrouded, just giving a tempting glimpse of what was underneath.

It was heartwarming to see so many people descend on the Cathedral and to hear it filled with life.

The exquisite choir in their red robes getting ready for the main event.  I can't tell you how beautiful it was to hear them from above.

The Tower Tour is not for the lighthearted, it is a climb, it is very narrow in places and some negotiating will need to be conquered.  If you are tall it may feel as though you are in Alice in Wonderland with the small doorways and unforgiving stone archways where you may bang your head (I'm 5' 2 .5" and I did!!), but the view from the top is breathtaking!

Let's make a start up some stairs (around 156 altogether) and look at this magnificent building from above.  The centuries of different footwear treading these stairs as they circled around and around, feeling as though they are never ending.  Common sense not Health and Safety overkill reigns while treading in the steps of our forefathers.

Halfway up and a little breather,  I took full advantage of looking at the event from up high at the triforium and wasn't disappointed with the nave full and the choir in full song.

While going around the different levels, you come across various beautiful pieces of history, such as some huge templates for the different piers...

The views below are stunning, simply stunning!  The architecture is awe inspiring.  Almost 900 years of tactile history.

More stairs, hand rails helping, difficult negotiations and then onto the Crossing Tower!  Are you ready for a test of heights?... the shrouds ready to be removed for the reveal of the new BMW 5 Series and Mini Countryman...

But, the reason I was here was the view that you get from this level.  The Crossing Tower along with its beautiful ceiling was built in the 14th Century and then again by the Victorians.

In 1643 the Cathedral suffered as part of the Civil War and in 1883 restoration work began with the High Altar and mosaic floor being added.

And then, some more stairs, a small door... the main reason I came on the tour this evening... the top of the Cathedral, outside!  Peterborough in the evening!!  Stunning!!

I stood here for longer than I should really but I wanted to see this, to experience the beauty of this centuries old building knowing that I had walked around those turrets at the front (post here and here).  Sharing the moment with those who would really appreciate it.

Below us, the Cathedral was buzzing, cameras were busy and, amazingly, today two of my photos were used in The Times as part of a report on the Cathedral and the bold decision to host this event (the link is here)!  A very happy blogger!

The Tower Tour is £10.  Money very well spent!

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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