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Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Visit to Castle Howard - Part 2

Carrying on from last week's post showing you the beautiful interior of Castle Howard and the Flower Festival, as promised, here are some shots I took of the outside of this spectacular building.

So beautiful in its enormity and incredible grandeur in immaculate surroundings.

The fountain was equal in grand scale to the building that it looked upon.  The water incessant as it raised up in the air and fell to the pool below.

This is a capture that makes me smile.  A couple of photographers were waiting to take a beautiful shot of the house and fountain, the sun came out intermittently, another photographer comes along... and plants his tripod in mid shot!!  Oh how we laughed and joked!!!  NOT!!  Well, I thought of the positive (as I do) and decided that was life, there were no orange and red t-shirts worn and it gives a more human angle of this majestic setting.  So photos were taken and to be honest, it gives you the scale of this setting.  Thank you Mr Tripod photographer, all was good in the end!

Walking along the pathways of the gardens we came across a frame in the middle of a wildflower border.  What a great idea!

I preferred getting a little lower to look through the weeds wildflowers and onto the house.

Then looking through trees at the recognisable dome.

Onto the rose garden where the beautiful blooms were starting to face the ground, tired of their burst of fragrance and vibrant heavy petals.

Well manicured hedges and old brick walls surrounded this gorgeous haven.

The lily pond brightened my day with its cheery colours and was a fitting end to such an amazing visit to a house I have longed to look around for so long.

Castle Howard, another tick off the list, so many more stately homes to visit and Blenheim Palace will be the next in Autumn.

I hope you have had a good week and looking forward to a wonderful weekend.


  1. Stunning, you certainly took us on a great tour.

  2. I had to laugh at the image of Mr Tripod. Beautiful gardens and that frame is a really good idea.

  3. Beautiful...hey, does that guy in the fountain know that he has the world on his shoulders? (sorry, bad joke, lololol) Thanks for the smiles....

  4. Omg, your pictures are wonderful and this castle too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day

  5. Beautiful shots - as usual - Chel. Impressed by your phlegmatic response to Mr Tripod - some photographers are so selfish.

  6. This is one place I would like to visit.. your photos are stunning.
    Amanda xx

  7. Oh Chel, it is absolutely magnificent! Love the fountain and the people (ahem, tripod guy) do show the scale of it. Wow! The gardens are beautiful. I like your shot through the wildflowers. :)
    I'm so glad you take us on your trips. Makes me feel like I'm almost there.
    Happy weekend!

  8. How truly beautiful. LOL on the photographer and his tripod! You got some beautiful shots of this grand place. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You have taken some beautiful shots. I know only too well the frustration of lining up a shot only to have someone walk and plonk themselves right in front of you. It's even more frustrating for Martyn when he's taking a video that can't be recaptured and someone walks straight in front of him

  10. Beautiful! I just marvel at the castles there. Nothing like that here in America. Too bad about the "tripod" guy but you made the best of it. Have a great day.

  11. I love the frame in the garden, what a fabulous idea!

  12. It is beautiful isn't it! The architecture is amazing! Loved the picture of the photographer photobombing the other photographers, that is so funny.

  13. Love the frame :-)
    Thank you for the tour.

  14. The castle is breathtaking and the garden is absolutely lovely. My favourite picture is the one you took with the wildflowers, the contrast is stunning.


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