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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hanging Out the June Bunting

So we are in June and fast approaching the longest day!  It's incredible how quickly this year is going, so today with the sun streaming through the racing clouds, I felt it was time to hang out my handmade bunting and take out my favourite rickety table and chairs.

I love sitting out here on a bright June evening and then again in the darker evenings of late August.  Unfortunately during July and early August the wheat sways in the surrounding fields which brings thrips (or thunder flies), and they LOVE me!  It makes it impossible for me to sit in the garden and all windows and doors have to be shut otherwise these pesky insects get behind laptop screens, paintings, you name it!  Do you have any nasty little biters that spoil your summer?

I have been feeling a lot brighter this week thankfully, so to put the parasol up and watch the dancing leaves on the branches casting shadows above my head made my heart sing once again.  There have been more smiles after the hard, sad times of the last seven weeks.

The bees have started to return and I can't wait for my lavender to make its welcome appearance once again.  For now, they were happy to dance around the chives!

The garden is beginning to show more and more colour and has provided us a with a beautiful oasis to enjoy!  It will be fourteen years this month that we first moved into the newly built house with mud for a garden and plain fences.  We've come a long way!

I can remember a tiny climbing rose that we put in the ground which has now very happily twisted and turned its way up through the pergola and provides a satisfying show of beautiful roses up and over the garage and to the delight of the neighbours.  A spectacular show with heavy petalled blooms.  This one I found had fallen from one of the branches and into the pond.  It's called A Yorkshire Lad - just like my hubby!

Another little plant we put in all those years ago was a grape vine.  Again this has danced its way through the pergola, around the jasmine and the roses and has provided us with grapes and succulent leaves that we use to make Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves).

Mine and Coco's favourite area was the daisy patch.  Still spreading (sorry Hubby!), and I absolutely love it!

And, at last, my wait is over for the Geoffrey Hamilton Rose!  I LOVE this rose and have two beautiful bushes of it.  The multilayered blooms makes my heart skip and sing.

So of course, they must come in the house too!

It's been hard over the last few weeks I can truly say, but I do feel more settled, and my routines are getting easier to cope with.  The bunting is out once again and its time to move on and carry on the search for a new bundle of fun.

The Cathedral is bathed in sunshine and blue skies again, so I will be taking you around here soon - it's been a while hasn't it!

And I am in London next week for work, but I will be taking some photos just for you, as again it has been a little while since I've shown you my beautiful home town.  But, let me just show you something gorgeous that Mumsy and Dadsy are going to have live with them...


Say hello to Barney, a sable roan Cocker Spaniel!  He will be joining them in a couple of weeks, and as you can see I didn't want the cuddle to end!  Hopefully I will have my own fur baby soon - I just have to be patient.

Have a wonderful weekend and week everyone.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love seeing all the sights through the lens of your camera. Glad to hear things are settling down and you are getting back to having some fun. Barney, what can I say, adorable. He is a lucky son to have a home with Mumsy and Dadsy. Have a wonderful week end.

  2. Oh Che, it does my heart good to hear that your days are brightening up! With the lovely views your yard provides, I can see why. Everything is just gorgeous! I really need to make some buntings to adorn some areas outside. They add so much character. Hope you have a peaceful, lovely weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  3. Barney is gorgeous!!! I am sure that your next dog will be out there and will find you before too too long. Your garden is gorgeous!!!! So many beautiful flowers, especially the roses. Your table and chairs, the bunting, the umbrella! Everything is so lovely!!! I hope that you get to be out there lots! xx

  4. What a beautiful garden you have! Too bad about the bugs spoiling part of your summer. Enjoy it while you can!

  5. Lovely photos, Chel. I'm glad you're feeling a bit lighter in yourself. Barney is adorable. :o)

  6. Beautiful post, roses and Barney!
    I have a husband who can't stand daisies either. It must be a man thing.

  7. Aweeeeeee.....Barney is just so cute!! Thank you for such a lovely post, Chel. Blessings

  8. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better. It takes awhile, and there will always be a hole in your heart. We love our pupsters so much. They are our babies for the time we have with them.

  9. Beautiful photos and gardens . Barney is soo cute , oh boy your getting a fur baby how wonderful . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  10. In a nutshell, I love the pretty table, glorious blooms, fun bunting and that sweet Barney. You have quite a full and lovely life!

    Sending a hug from across the miles! :)

    Jane x

  11. Oh, Chel, what a pretty, inviting space you've created in the garden. It is going to be a great summer.

  12. Such wonderful shots of the month of June, your garden and your home. June, the generous month in daylight hours and with lots of sunshine too! We're going through a heatwave here which is actually a bit too much! I've just got my summer bunting out too! I put it up on my balcony and it makes my sitting space so cheerful! Have a wonderful time in London! I'll be coming over from June 18th too!

  13. Beautiful photos Chel.. Awww Barney is adorable.. your mum and dad are going to have fun with this little one :o)

  14. Aaah Chel, Barney is just beautiful. I'm so pleased you are feeling better, time is a great healer :)


  15. A lovely June post Chel nice to see you posting about the garden for a change. Your roses are divine I am still waiting for mine to appear. And what an adorable puppy although he does look a bit glum. Have a great week.

    1. I know, bless his heart. He wanted to go home with them that evening! He is going to be a very happy puppy soon x

  16. I was wondering how you were doing, Chel. I know the past weeks have been difficult. I'm glad to see blue skies and gorgeous blossoms surrounding you. Always so cheering. I'm writing this in the middle of the night because I made the mistake of drinking coffee at a wedding reception yesterday. Anyway, sweet puppy. How I'd love to get another German Shepherd pup. Have a wonderful week and enjoy sitting outdoors. The old British shows I watch show all kinds of comfortable furniture out on the lawns. I wondered who dragged all that furniture back into the house when it rains. That must have been a servant's job. :-)

  17. Your garden is inspirational - at the moment we are having a major garden "re-furb" - the fences were in a poor state, so we have almost finished replacing them. And a new shed is completed. So now we are almost ready for the best bit - sorting out the planting. I want something that can really establish itself - like your beautiful roses.

    I hope you manage to get some lovely time sitting in the garden again today!


    BTW the thunderflies love me too, pesky little critters!

  18. Your parasol would blow away here. Our nasty little biters our harvest mites. They seem to absolutely adore biting me.

  19. Hello there dear Chel...I so enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog today! Your photographs of your lovely garden truly inspired me, and I just love your roses...*sigh*...
    I have always dreamt of having a rose garden one day, and of cutting them for flower arrangements in my home!
    The bunting you made looks so cheerful and summery...it must add a delightful touch to your garden which is bursting with colour and beauty!
    Oh! And what a darling little bundle of fur! Chel, I hope that this little fella brings you much joy and pleasure, and that he will comfort your hearts which I am sure are still quite sore from the loss of your precious Coco...
    Have a blessed sunday further - sending you much love!

    1. Thanks Kelly-Anne, little Barney will be my parent's dog - we are still searching xx

  20. Swooning Chel over all your pictures so beautiful. Barney is too adorable. Congrats to your mom and dad. We just got a new furry baby in our family too. They just make your heart sing. Have a great week.

  21. Barney is adorable! I love your photos, Chel. I don't have a garden and so I love to visit those of you all. Have a blessed week.

  22. Your garden is looking beautiful, Chel. I love your bunting and all the flowers. The daisies are especially sweet. Mr. Barney is certainly very cute, how fun for your parents! I hope you have a good week.

  23. Your garden is beautiful. Your roses are magnificent! It's nice to read that you are feeling better.

  24. Hello Chel, I totally enjoyed looking at your pretty yard and flowers. Little Barney is so adorable and wishing your parents a lot of happiness with him! I do hope you have a wonderful time in London and I can't wait to see your photos. Have a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  25. Oh your garden I'd looking beautiful. I love roses and need to find some beauties for my garden! We have some tiny biting gnats, ow they really sting. Then there's the biting flies and worse of all the mosquitios. Hate them!
    I am looking forward to the pictures of London! And what a cute puppy! Hope you find your fur baby soon too!

  26. Your garden is looking very lovely. It gladdens my heart that you are feeling a bit more chipper. Barney is so cute! I hope you can get another Cuddle Buddy soon. These things take time, I know.
    Hope your day is happy, sunny and blessed. ~:)

  27. Your garden is looking lovely, and I do like a little bit of bunting, every year I put some up. Think I would dress the front of the house with bunting as well if hubby would let me, I just love seeing it blowing in the wind.
    Puppy looks so cute...your turn next..
    Amanda xx

  28. I love sunny/warm days, too!!!! Your garden is in full bloom and it's gorgeous!!!
    happy week my dear chel, xxxxx Ale

  29. Oh, Barney is a cutie, I'm sure he'll be very happy with your mum and dad. Lovely flower photos, they are gorgeous, Chel. I am glad you're feeling cheered xx

  30. Chel, I adore that old table and chairs! I would love to have one under my pergola. I'm sorry that you have been down! Your gorgeous garden can not help but lift your spirits! Your roses are absolutely gorgeous!! Barney is a doll and I want to cuddle him too!

  31. Oh Barney - He is the most adorable thing! I want to cuddle with him too :) I love your outdoor setting, so beautiful. Ours has a long way to go.

  32. I love your gardens and yard Chel. It all looks so beautiful there and has grown amazingly over the years you've been there. We are bothered by mosquitos and blackflies that bite but they aren't too bad here and the black fly season is over now pretty well. There will be houseflies later which don't bite but are annoying. And in the evenings the 'no- seeums' come around. They are so tiny that you can't see them (hence their name) and they take a good nibble behind the ears. LOL The can get through the screen holes too!! Soon the fireflies will be flitting about in the dark. Thankfully they don't bite! Enjoy your lovely garden. xx Pam

  33. Hello,
    Beautiful garden. I do love it.
    Yes, we have mosquitoes that drive us indoors. And flies can get nasty too.
    Barney is a sweetheart.

  34. Barney is adorable! Your outdoor space is just lovely, Chel. Those roses - gorgeous! We've got lots of pesky mosquitoes. It makes me crazy that I can't just sit outside and enjoy a summer night without getting bitten up!

  35. Your photos are always such a delight. I love your table with the pretty runner...looks like such a pretty sitting area. Too bad you can't sit out there because of bugs. I feel for you though...I have the same problem here, except with mosquitoes. Barney is such a cute pup! I'm sure you will enjoying loving on him when you visit your parents.

  36. Such a happy summery post...your garden looks lovely, such a wonderful place to sit. And how cute is Barney! Just adorable!
    Helen xox

  37. Glad to hear that you're feeling brighter Chel. Your garden is looking beautiful! Barney looks adorable. My Mum is getting a Welsh Terrier pup in a few weeks. I can't wait as I love dogs but am not in a position to have one of my own at the moment.

    Natalie x

  38. Your garden looks beautiful, and the roses are a delight. It's good to hear that you're feeling better these days and Barney is gorgeous :)
    Cathy x

  39. Chel, it's nice to make your acquaintance through Kris' spotlight today! I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. Mine was also named Coco (a chocolate miniature poodle), and though she's been gone almost 9 years, the memories came flooding back as I read of yours.
    I love gardening (yours is beautiful already!), am an antiques and vintage dealer with 2 of my 6 sisters in our local antique mall, and would enjoy your visit to my blog at Panoply anytime you take a whim. Count me as your latest follower on G+.
    Rita C at Panoply


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