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Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Quirky and Crafty Christmas Shopping - Sandringham Christmas Fair, Norfolk

I do love a good craft fair don't you?  Especially when it is in magnificent grounds with lots of space.  With the thoughts of one more month until Christmas, I felt it was the perfect time to start the PANIC and to start ticking the lists I had prepared a couple of weeks ago.  So, to start with, the shopping would begin with the quirky and crafty, and what better place than the Sandringham Christmas Craft Fair.  Grab your hat and coat and cash - I never take a card to places like this - too tempting!  Are you ready to start the festive shopping?  Here we go...
This fair allows you to see the products being made and this particular stall always makes me smile when I have seen it.  This is Dingley Dwellings and the lovely Denise Chapman.  I bought one of her quirky little houses a while ago for Mumsy's fairy glen along with a well.  They are still perfect at the bottom of the garden, so these are hard standing too.
Aren't they great?!  I particularly liked this one but had to resist!
Out of the marquees we heard the familiar sound of the creating chainsaws.  The little elves were busy working their Christmas magic and were dressed a little bit warmer from the last time we saw them (a past post is here).
I love the art that they create from one piece of wood.
And once varnished and torched, the definition is amazing to see.
Another marquee and we came across these boxes with some candles.  Now, I loved them but my two teens who are avid Harry Potter fans spotted a little mistake.  Should it say "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry"?  Never mind, I loved them... but resisted!
There are some brilliant characters here, and I especially loved the mustaches on show (must be Movember!) 
Here's another one who was giving a cookery demonstration...
It was time for me and Mumsy to have some lunch and this marquee was full to brimming...
... and I wasn't surprised with the amazing pork baguettes on offer!  Believe me, they were certainly not holding back on the amount of pork they were selling!
Those who follow my Facebook page will have seen this particular stalls wares.  There were irons, wrenches, scissors, violins, nuts and bolts, graters, hammers - you name it!  And, all made from chocolate!!  And yes, you can get a chocolate coffee maker but couldn't see a chocolate teapot!
Why is it that there is always a queue ladies?!!
I digress! 

This stall holder was very curious about what was going on in the next stall...
Well, with an owl flying around and the stall holder selling sausages, it could have been too much of a temptation!
Christmas would not be Christmas without a wreath, and these were just adorable!
So, what did I buy? Oh if only you could smell this lovely package.  It's Christmas in a bag!  Spiced apples, tangy oranges, pine cones... so much delicious gorgeousness just waiting to be put into a bowl as part of the festive decorations!
For a certain Miss Teen a necklace which will be right up her street!
And then from Charles Burke - who is a glass artist, this lovely blue paperweight.
I would have loved to have shown you Sandringham House too, but from the grounds where the Fair was, this was the view... sorry.  But the trees are pretty spectacular aren't they!
So, how is your Christmas shopping going?  Are you enjoying the crowds yet?!!

Next week, Christmas at Hampton Court!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my Coco.  We have had a couple of bad nights with her (including one where I had to carry her home), we're taking each day as it comes.  Also my Dad is gradually improving (hence Mumsy coming out this week).

Take care.

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  1. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE This post!!!! As for the "Hogwarts" issues, prob to avoid copyright. I love everything about your post. No, we have not started shopping....we have never had much money....so gifts and price are well thought out. Blessings

  2. Amazing all that stuff was made of chocolate!

  3. I love this kind of fairs !!!!! Thank you for letting me walking through it with your eyes!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  4. Beautiful photography Chel ♥

    Omgosh I haven't even started yet but, I only have my bf to buy for anyways and the tree won't be up until December 1st somewhere so there's still lots of time yet.

  5. I can suffer the occasional craft fair, Chel. This one looks a stunner - and wonderfully photographed, as all your material is. But did it have a beer tent?

    1. Hi Mike, I've emailed you but for others who were wondering, there was no beer tent however the pungent smell of mulled wine and cider was very prominent!

  6. What a brilliant craft fair, there was definitely lots going on. I love the fairy houses and the choccies which are very novel. I am always amazed by places that have owls and other birds of prey but I'm just a teensy bit suspicious of them as they always have a glint in their eye. Doesn't stop me stroking them if the owner allows it but I definitely count my fingers afterwards.

  7. So glad your loved ones are improving in health. What a fun outing to the Christmas fair. I haven't been to one yet, but I hope to go next weekend. Those chocolate instruments and tools are really great - something for everyone, it seems!
    I'm making my lists and starting a few things but need to get cracking!

  8. I stopped in one of the local clothing stores and it wasn't at all crowded, to my surprise. I suspect it wasn't a tenth as interesting as the craft fair. It looks wonderful.

  9. I love craft fairs too, though I'm not sure I've ever been to one over here. Though this city has a craft market once I month which I love walking through and admiring all the (expensive) beautiful things for sale!
    The chocolate stand at your fair was amazing in all those unexpected shapes! Your bag of perfumed and seasonal decoration items look lovely.
    I have finished my Christmas shopping as I hate the last-minute rush! Most of the things are wrapped as I love doing that! Now I just have to do my cards at the beginning of December!

  10. Oh Chel, what a delightful place to visit! How I wish there were fairs like this where I live. I guess I just need to come visit you, sweet friend, to enjoy such beautiful creativity.

    Hugs and blessings!

  11. What a wonderful event you took us too! I loved seeing the crafters and artists. Have a great weekend.

  12. Again a wonderful blog post. oh and I love the pewter... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  13. That's not just any craft fair! That's all pretty awesome! I know you said that I'm a no reply blogger, I haven't had a chance to change it all back yet, I'm still trying to get the widths on my page set right, I swear everything is lopsided to me :)
    You're also doing better on your Christmas shopping than I am!! I have bought 2 gifts... THAT'S IT! Seriously! I need to get with the program! I usually buy a few bigger items on Black Friday over here, as that is the day that kicks off Christmas for us here in the States. I Hope you're well Chel and I look forward to Christmas photos!
    Much love to you,

  14. I always enjoy places where you can see these artists creating their work. You've found some great characters too.

  15. I love going to Christmas/craft fairs and have been to 2 in the past week! This one looked particularly good. I've seen the chocolate stall somewhere else and was amazed at the detail. Also love the necklace for your daughter - I'd wear that! x

  16. Such a lovely craft fair, I never saw so many different tools made of chocolate. Really something for my husband, who is a chocolate junkie. The chainsaw art and glass art is wonderful too and I cannot help laughing when I see in my imagination an owly, flying away with a sausage, or sitting on the sausages taking a bite, haha.

  17. Now that looks my kind of craft fair!! I always love seeing any wood turning or carving artisans, and if there's a chance to hold an owl, I'm in heaven! I must admit I'm on the look out for a different option to my local one at Losely House which has gotten very commercial but lacking in the actual CRAFT side of things in recent years! Katie

  18. I hope that things keep going as ok as they can with Coco and I am glad to hear that your Dad is doing better so that your Mumsy could come out with you for the day, I am sure that both really loved that. It looks like a great fair to visit with lots going on and some wonderful things to buy. You could certainly spend a small fortune somewhere like that I imagine. The fairy houses are wonderful, I think they were my favourite thing overall. You bought some lovely things, I am sure that they will be greatly enjoyed by the recipients! xx

  19. I love to see craft fairs where the artists are in engaged in their creative work while there, so fascinating to watch. I could stand mesmerized for hours. We went to a craft sale yesterday and I was able to get a Christmas present ticked off the invisible list. Mallory fell in love with a beautiful knitted blanket and since she will be done with school in May and eventually moving out of the house into her own place it is time to start thinking about things for her future place.

  20. This craft fair seems like it could belong in a Harry Potter book. Oddly enough, I think your choices would have been my choices too! Temptation is everywhere but there is only so much space left in my world for large ornaments no matter how delightful.

  21. What a great craft fair .... wish we had fairs like this where I live, thanks for sharing! Anita xx

  22. Glad to know your family members are doing better. I loved seeing your fabulous pics from the fair Chel - the chocolate items were awesome, the owl being carved so magnificent, and your very beautiful purchases assured me again of your impeccable taste in choosing gifts. Lucky are the recipients!
    Happy week ahead to you and yours dear.
    Hugs- Mary

  23. Wow that's a lot of pork haha! I'm off to the bath Christmas market in a few weeks (future blog post) x

  24. I'm always amazed by what people can do with a piece of wood... And your children are right, of course "witchcraft and wizardry!"

  25. I would have done some seriuos damage at the fair, Chel! It looks like such fun! Really different offerings than we would have around here!

  26. A fantastic place to go for Christmas shopping. Mine isn't really going at all just yet!

  27. Chel,

    I saw that you started to follow my blog and that led me here...what a wonderful post! To see a fair in England and the fabulous things being made and sold. Very different from our crafting events and I would bet I'd be in heaven at this one. The chocolates! I never would have known had you not told us! And of course we know of Harry Potter very well in my home, my daughter, who is now in her early twenties (and read every book and saw every movie at least 3 times), would love one of those crates, even if it were used to hold her beauty supplies! Ha!

    I'm going to follow your blog...it looks like loads of fun!

    Jane xx

  28. What a fabulous place and to start a spot of Christmas shopping. I really need to get a wriggle on with mine.

  29. That really looked like fun! I like the idea of having crafters demonstrating what they are selling.
    I'm really looking forward to your post on Hampton Court. I was there for the first time in September and can't imagine how wonderful it would be at Christmas.

  30. What a fun tour! I'd like to visit Sandringham and the surrounding area someday. I'm trying to do most of my Christmas shopping online at Amazon. I hate shopping elbow to elbow with people and love free 2-day shipping. :-))

  31. Hi Chel, how lucky you are to be able to go this nice craft fair each year. I would have loved Christmas shopping their. Everyone will love what you bought! I have been shopping online and in stores. Now I need to start the wrapping little by little so it's not so bad at the end. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  32. What a wonderful crafts fair! I am way behind in my shopping this year and am not really looking forward to it but I'd better get cracking eh? Time is fleeting. I hope to get to some craft markets as well. I enjoy locally made goods rather than big box store goods. xx Pam

  33. Lovely post, I usually get distracted at a Christmas market. The chain saw sculpture is fun, I once saw and captured someone create a horses head with the same method in Worcester.


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