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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Vibrant Colours of London

Well, here we are again on stage three of our day trip in London, are you still with me?  If you have been reading my posts for the last two weeks you will now know how much you can pack into one day.

So, are you ready?  Another cup of tea and a bakewell tart should see you through as I take you by the hand near the foot of the London Eye.
As we walked to this instantly recognisable marvel of engineering, we could hear in the distance a tuneful thump of drums.  As the sound began to make rhythms in our ears, a carnival appeared.  As if out of nowhere, South Bank became even more alive with the impromptu appearance of London youth at its best.  The group is the Kinetika Bloco Summer School, you can visit them here.
The pink head dresses filled the pavement while the crowds just made space for them to dance and gave a splash of colour against the threatening skies.
Following behind the amazing sound of the brass...
Followed by the body shaking drums...
This was the perfect show to introduce Miss Teen and Miss B to the vibrancy and surprising variety of the South Bank.

But then again, there was also the now familiar... do you remember this colourful happy juggler from my St Paul's post?  Here he was again!  This time the glasses were on hiding his friendly smiling eyes.
At the South Bank Centre it was time to look up and see the temporary boat on the top of the roof.  A surprising hotel room for now!
And below the crowds were once more gathered to watch the skateboarders perform.
Further along, bubbles filled the air, some huge and glorious...
Others, small and thousands in numbers...
A huge hit with the little kids watching.  Parents looking on with phones and cameras laughing at their children all reaching up and then chasing the bubbles across Jubilee Gardens... and then shouting and chasing after their precious babies as they disappeared into the crowds!  

Next along there was a 'bike show'.  Again, things just pop up as you walk along.
But we had two more places to see before we headed home.  The first was the Wonderground...
Lots of shows take place here and it is a good 'watering hole'.  The first show is just outside with what looked like an old fashioned curiosity show.
 Inside, the Merry Go Round was going a little slow.  I couldn't work out why at first, but... take a look... can you see why it would go so slow??!!
Did you work it out?  Yes, it is a PUB!!!  On top of each horse is a table to place your well deserved pint on as you slowly look around the Wonderground.  Must go back in the evening it would be amazing!

Miss Teen and Miss B were now ready to go on the Star Ride... (you may recognise the photo and the name on the Trip Advisor write up!)
Swinging in a circle to the very top...
Yes, that's the London Eye to the right!  Apparently the view was breathtaking... I took their word for it!

Our final leg (or my final moments on my poor tired feet) was to the Graffiti Tunnel (or Banksy Tunnel as it is sometimes called).  A friendly London Cab driver told me where it was, which was near Waterloo Station, not too far away and we approached an uninviting tunnel, but this was Miss Teen's ultimate goal, something that she desperately wanted to see, nothing was going to stop this one!
We entered the tunnel, most would probably think to quickly walk away, but the colours drew us in and knowing that there was so much more to see.
In the entrance, one of the artists was already at work...
The tools of the trade at his feet, how my daughter was yearning to join him!
We ventured further into the old disused road tunnel taking in the diversity of the street art.
Another artist who was a bit more health and safety conscious, or maybe because we were further in the tunnel and not near constant fresh air!
The street art was everywhere and Miss Teen's camera was capturing every single piece.
This piece made me smile as it was opposite one of the many doors in the sides of the tunnel that take you to various other parts.  The door opposite took us to an exhibition by an artist who makes pictures out of typewriting!
There was no Banksy today, wouldn't that have been a treat!!  However, here are a couple more shots of some of the colour down this otherwise disused grey tunnel.
Miss Teen felt so happy here and kept going taking every photo she could right until the end of the tunnel!
On our way out, we couldn't believe it!  The typewriter artist was typing her latest picture of the tunnel, just sitting on the pavement with one of her Brother typewriters!
Keira Rathbone has been on many shows and you really should watch her work here.  We were so happy to watch her in the flesh working her magic.
And so dear Readers, it was with a heavy heart (and feet), that we returned to Kings Cross Station for the train back to Lincolnshire.  A very full day from the Tower of London to Waterloo.  Never mind, back in London in a week's time to see the tall ships in Greenwich for my birthday weekend!!

I do hope you have enjoyed our little walk along the river, I can't believe what we managed to fit in.

I'd also like to welcome to some lovely new followers, and thank you all so much for your encouraging comments, you are all so very kind.

Take care.

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  1. What a fun, wonderful post! I loved seeing it all from the bubbles to the juggler to the pink ruffled hat brigade! And the graffiti is actually quite good. That monkey was too cute! I have a thing for monkeys.

    I will have to be sure and catch the other parts of the tour. I have been MIA for waaaaaaaaaay too long, but I thought I would hop back into the blog pool before summer officially ends. I am so glad you posted. I was just thinking how I needed a trip to England! And this hit the spot!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Another amazing post, Chel. Thanks for sharing it with us. :o)

  3. Those bubbles really are something else aren't they! xx

  4. Every time you share a London post, I think it couldn't get any better than the one before, but somehow, it always does! This gorgeous city just amazes me. I can see why your daughter was so in love with all the street art...such vibrant and unique artwork. I bet that ride she and her friend took was amazing, but like you, I'm afraid I would have to take their word for it too. I'm a bit of a chicken...lol! Have a beautiful weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Looking at your photos I felt as if I was right there with you, amazing Chel C !
    Those rides are something else. There was a day when I would do just about any ride, but as I have gotten older, not so.
    I bet that music was just beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, sure did enjoy my visit.

  6. Just such vibrant and beautiful photos all around! I enjoyed every bit of this post....so much culture and art!!! And your photos captured everything in the most amazing light! Wishing you a fantastic birthday by the way! Nicole xoxo

  7. A another type of visit to London this time! Type being the key word when looking at Keira creating her typewriter art! Quite fascinating! I love the first shot of the London Eye! Your girls had a marvellous time by the sound of things.

  8. It would feel a bit precarious in that hotel room. Do others just paint on tip of the graffiti?

    1. Sorry Sue, I have to reply to you here as you are no reply blogger. Yes, they gradually paint over the older grafitti, so it is an ever changing paint surface.

  9. What a jolly time in London. The pink head dresses are fantastic, but the carousel pub - that's inspired!

  10. So interesting you are showing us a different side of London. Lovely street art and culture! The picture of the London Eye is amazing.

  11. The street art is amazing, no wonder Miss Teen was snapping away. Rather them than me going on the Star Ride, I'm always the bag holder at fun fairs, I don't go on anything other than the carousel.

  12. When I saw your first few photos I thought you'd been to Notting Hill! It's great to see all the activity on the streets of London, not just the colours are vibrant.

  13. Wow what a lot you did in a day. Amazing! I can see why your daughter loved the tunnel, but I wouldn't want to go there alone.

  14. Fabulous post. You saw so many interesting things. I love the London Eye. Someday it would be fun to ride on it. That Graffiti place was amazing. I really enjoyed your post.

  15. Chel, what an amazing place. I'd love to go there some day! The parade looked like so much fun and I loved the street art! I must admit, I'd have to pass on the Star ride. lol! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos with us!

  16. Impressive post. Interesting on the typewriter artist. Great images!

  17. nice it remembered me of paris...at the metro...a lot of graffity..awesome pics..thanks for sharing...blessings

  18. What a fun post, Chel - I really enjoyed seeing all the street artists, the carnival rides and the amazing graffiti tunnel! Such a colorful and lively place with amazing art. I can see why Miss Teen was so excited. Fun to see the typewriter artist, too. The Star Ride makes me dizzy just looking at it, but I'm sure the views made the vertigo worth it! Now it's back to daily life for you with lovely memories. xo Karen

  19. Oh my goodness, Chel! I am breathless after my whistle-stop tour through this ocean of colour and excitement! Thanks for a brilliant post again! Lxxx

  20. Hi Chel, thanks for taking me on this tour of London to see other things than the usual. What fun you must of had with your daughter and her friend. I love the dancers, the London Eye and the ride and carnival bar and the graffiti art. How exciting and what lovely photos you took of everything. I am amazed too of everything you did! I do hope you have a wonderful week and a wonderful birthday weekend next week!

  21. Hi Chel - as usual, you capture the vibrancy of the place with your wonderful shots. London's a much brighter and more colourful town than it was when I first worked there, that's for sure!

  22. Seriously... Whom could not love London?
    Even it's imperfections are addicting!
    I hope you have a great week Chel! I loved the photos~
    Tammy x

  23. Southbank is always an actioned packed place to visit. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Come back again soon.

  24. Fascinating, festive and fun fotos! Great post for OWT !

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  25. It's the reason I love London so much. So many surprises as you walk along. There is always something new to see.

  26. lovely post. i enjoyed your colorful images.

  27. What a fabulous day you had!! My turn, my turn, my turn!!! No2 son and I are off for our trip to town on Saturday, primarily to go to Twickenham to watch London/Irish play (part of my birthday present, along with a PINK wheelbarrow!!) but we hope to go and see the poppies at the Tower and then along to Greenwich to see the Tall Ships! That is the plan....! X


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