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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Trying to be Calm and Collected

Well I don't know about you, but well, its been one of those weeks.  My mind has been a whirlwind with so many random things that I have had to open my thoughts and put them into separate 'boxes' to try and make sense of it all.  Taking photos of one of my roses reminded me of a post last year where I said they were like pages of a book.  Each petal representing something to be done, something to be recorded, something that my two teens needed doing... the list goes on.
Everything looks so simple when looking at these perfect blooms, no matter how many petals, they unfurl and settle into their position without any stress or irritation.  They decorate our lives in our borders and above our heads trying to relax us with their heady scent and gentle colours while we rush past trying to fit 36 hours into a 24 hour day.
The garden has been a real calming influence this week with the colour and its invitation to the wildlife.  Even with the sun disappearing I still have sunshine to look at.
Amongst the roses, other little blooms quietly show their faces while I rush past saying 'stop for a while'.  The strawberries are slowly but surely popping up to treat me later on the season when things calm down.
The sweet rocket gently swaying in the breeze, waiting to be cut to join the busy household's vases full of blooms.
The lilac greets me as I get out of my car after my drive home from work, saying 'rest for a while'.  'Later' I say.
At the end of each day, my head feels as though it could bow under the trials of the day just like the aquiligia.
 The expanding fairy ring hasn't received enough fairy dust to wave a magic wand... but it will get there.
The days are full, the garden is calling me to calm down but there is one thing that really settles my nerves when I come home...
Come on Coco, give us one of your smiles...
One smile from her and the trials and tribulations from the week just disappear into the background.

So, onwards and upwards, my new laptop is beginning to grow on me, but not Windows 8.1 I'm afraid.  Things are beginning to grow on my desktop and my son is gradually getting through his GCSE's.  The 'boxes' are gradually being emptied!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care.

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  1. All your beautiful flowers must be a delight to calm your soul after a rough work week. And of course your sweet Coco would be there to calm you anytime. What a cutie! I hope you have a relaxing weekend. It's dull here and chilly again. That old east wind just stirs up the doldrums too much lately. Hugs. Pam

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers, x

  3. Wow, how beautiful your flowers are. I fully understand your sentiment..having many things on my mind as well..thank you for sharing. Blessings

  4. beautiful pictures. I love your blog. Coco is very sweet too.

  5. Great post. I feel in the same mood this week. Thanks for seeing past the bad stuff.

  6. Your week sounds much like mine...too many boxes with files overflowing. It will all settle down eventually though won't it? Prayers that you have a restful, peach filled weekend. And...by the way, I so enjoyed the photos of the beautiful bloms!

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. I am so envious of your roses - I don't have a single one out yet. The garden certainly has a way of focussing your mind - when I am out there my mind clears of all other problems and things to do - it is a solace and a respite. Enjoy the rest of the weekend despite the weather.

  8. There's a card tacked to my kitchen bulletin board. It was sent to me by a dear friend in Shropshire. It says 'When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden'. The little verse helps me to remember to be kind to myself after a very hard week.

  9. Lovely flowers...may they indeed provide consolation to your mind and heart.

    Wishing you peaceful dreams....

  10. Wishing you a slow and peaceful weekend where you have the time to just sit and be still with your garden. Your photos are gorgeous friend! Sending you happy think thoughts from across the ocean!!! Nicole xo

  11. Hi Chel, wow your garden is filled with such beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for sharing them. Coco is just so cute too. Have a nice weekend and week.

  12. Life is like a garden - beautiful but requiring lots of hard work to get right. Have a peaceful and relaxed Sunday.

  13. What a lovely reflective post. You sound burdened but are keeping perspective which is half the battle to retaining your sanity I think. As for that sweet face who couldn't resist smiling. My older cat Magic is what I call my Heart's Ease as I always give her some attention as soon as I come in and she melts the troubles of the outside world. Hope your heart is truly well eased.

  14. It's all down to perceptions - I bet the roses worry about the weather. Will their petals be battered by rain before something managed to pollinate them? Will they get mildew, blackspot etc. Will someone dig then up or attack them with secateurs? I bet they think we have it all!

    Love the smile. Being greeted by a happy dog really is a joy.

  15. Coco's smile would make everything worthwhile, Chel. I hope next week sees you feeling less "boxed in". :o)

  16. Your garden looks gorgeous Chel and Coco is so sweet. I hope your days are a little less busy soon.
    Jacquie x

  17. I hear you, parts of my week were just like that. Why I even went in for blood work early for an appointment I had the same day and then forgot to go to the appointment!
    Love your pretty flowers, what is the yellow one?
    Coco is a cutie and I bet she does help to make things all better.

  18. I hope that the boxes are a little emptier now and that they will all be back in their rightful places very soon. Sometimes life goes a little like that, but I hope that it will be less busy very soon. xx

  19. Chel,
    What a beautiful post, both visually and emotionally. I am glad your post was the first thing I read this morning. It will help balance me as I tackle my day (which promises to be busy). Thank you, Christa

  20. Your garden is looking gorgeous, and the roses are stunning. I always find if I need a moment or two to rebalance, a wander around the garden is the best thing.

  21. Lovely photos Chel, we do need something to feed the soul don't we? And when life is tough we need even more. Things are a bit fraught here too, and so I am finding solace in simple things, the garden, stitching, phone calls from friends and family. Hang on in there, you will get through! Lxx

  22. Your roses and other flowers are beautiful and do bear witness to the old lines "consider the lilies, they toil not, neither do they spin..." We rush around in such a dither while they nod in the sunshine and converse with each other.
    I hope that you will find time to enjoy your garden soon. In the meantime, I'm glad the boxes are being ticked as completed and your Coco gives you joy.

  23. Our furry children know just what we need and they don't talk which is many times a blessing. Love all your flower photos. Hope this week is calmer for you.


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