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Saturday, 9 November 2013

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Too soon?  Maybe!  But with the new Christmas adverts now appearing on the tv and shops' displays now in full festive swing, I couldn't resist sharing with you some photos of Baytree, a wonderful garden centre in Spalding.  This time of year is so magical and Baytree really reflects this.
Each glorious shelf, wall, floor space and ceiling is crammed with delicious eye candy.  There is something for everyone and their displays are inspirational.  A beautiful chandelier, a mannequin...
...it could be an Oxford Street Christmas window display, however around her feet is the most amazing table display.  Named the Champagne Party, this truly is beautiful.
The displays were all around us and everywhere, just everywhere, eyes fall on so much gorgeous Christmas cheer.  The comforting smells of Christmas such as cinnamon and spices fill the air and mix with the roast chestnut stand (yes, they even have that too!)
Then there is a display that shows the outside of a wood cabin.  How I would love to have one of these beautifully decorated at the bottom of the garden, especially with an old, loved rocking horse.
And to snuggle in the bed with it's cosy cushions.
All around the different festive decorations are sectioned into different styles.  I fell in love with this sweet little lady with her colourful buttons.
Along with this simple idea of wrapping some scrap wool around a ring and adding a couple of buttons, isn't this beautiful? and, let's face it, we all have most of the ingredients in our craft areas...go on admit it!
This was amongst the display showing a crafty kitchen corner.  Bunting, home baking, granny squares and triangles, isn't this the most perfect corner you could have!  (to see more pieces just click on the photo)
Isn't it just exquisite?!  All I would need is a large cup of tea and to put my feet up and I would be in heaven.
Oh, and candles!  Have you seen any of these around your way?
I will be buying a few of these to cosy up the house.
And then there is this beautiful home display.  Can you imagine sitting back then with your Grandad and listening to his stories?  I certainly feel that way with this homely look.
It doesn't stop there though.  Outside there were even more delights.  Can you guess what this is?
It's a very special VIR... A Very Important Reindeer...
... I don't think it is Rudolph, but could it be a very photogenic Prancer?  Nearby, his boss Father Christmas was hard at work in the magical grotto.  We have been going here for years and have always enjoyed every second of the huge queues as again, there is so much to take in.  However, today it was very quiet and Miss Teenager was NOT going right in for the train ride (yes, there is a train that takes you to the log cabin where Father Christmas awaits with a present and a real Christmas tree to take home).
Instead we freely walked through the barriers and up to the section that takes you to the train.  Narnia here we come!
Unfortunately we had to turn back as Miss T is no fun anymore!  Why do they have to grow up?!  So instead we walked past the Yeti and headed home (me and Mumsy will be back though as we haven't grown up yet!).
So, as the moon comes up and the chill fills the air one more ...
... I can carry on with  making the warming, happy granny squares for my latest blanket project and think through the 1001 jobs to do before the big day!
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes to Miss Teenager and I am also very, very happy to report that Hubby is fine!  Tests have come back clear and there are no serious issues to worry about.  Just one of  'those' things - thankfully!  Thank you so much for your well wishes which have really helped him get through these difficult couple of weeks.

So, how are your festive plans going?  Have you made a start?  Or are you like my mumsy and have finished everything and can now relax?

Have a wonderful weekend and week.

Take care. 

 ♥ Chel ♥ 

 (Remember that if you want to see a larger version of my photos just click on one and a slide will appear)

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter and I am glad you hubby has had good news. Love all the pretty Christmas decorations, so many pretty things. I would be there for hours. The reindeer is cute. Thanks for sharing, wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. I've really enjoyed catching up with your recent posts Chel. Late birthday wishes are sent to your daughter, and I agree it's a shame when they grow out of things like train rides to visit Santa. Wow what a place that is, I would defy anyone not to get into the festive mood visiting there. Loving your amazing lunar image, and the grannies of course, but most of all I'm relieved for you that your husband has received a clean bill of health. Bring on a happy happy Christmas for you and yours xx

  3. Chel, this store is so magical with all the beautiful Christmas decorations. I would love to spend a couple hours there looking and shopping too. Thanks for the lovely tour! I am getting in the mood more since Friday already and am looking forward to starting my decorating this week after Remembrance Day. We do have those 'sweater' candles here and I've thought about buying one but they are quite expensive, I think. Happy Sunday to you. Hugs, Pam

  4. Chel it is never ever never too early for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! I love shops like these!!! Love!!
    Those candles... decorations...
    And praise God your hubby is well!!
    Have a great Sunday, Tammy xx

  5. Oh Chel, wonderful Pictures! A bit early, yes, but so cute!


  6. So many lovely Christmas ideas, I would love a few of those candles also.

  7. So very glad that your husband has had good news. It must be a huge weight off of both of your minds. The Christmas displays are beautiful. So much effort has clearly been put into them. I haven't done anything much yet, except pick out a handful of books. I need to start making lists...

  8. This is just gorgeous. I do like it when shops 'go to town' on their Christmas decorating. I too really like the Champagne Party display, and the candles are brilliant.

  9. Oh dear - time for my bah humbug to surface! Strange thing about Santa's reindeer though - they apparently are all girls as male reindeer lose their antlers in winter but the females keep theirs so they can protect their young.

  10. What beautiful displays! I remember Baytree in its early days with all the spring bulbs, the owls and the 'Reinhart to the barn' announcements - it has grown so much since then. I'm so glad to hear that all is well with your husband you must all be relieved - I hope you enjoy your return visit to the grotto:)

  11. Its not to early, I saw the coca cola advert yesterday which means it is officially christmas now! Lovely pictures of the displays :) x

  12. Beautiful! I love this time of year :) The wreath with buttons is so lovely, such a simple idea but really effective xoxo

  13. *sigh* ~ I LOVE these photos... I wish I were closer, I would have gladly accompanied you to Narnia... I love Christmas... mostly for the decorating! Thanks for the little dose of holiday, to get me in the spirit!

  14. This is the second Christmas post I've read this morning ... so I guess you're not "too" early! The photos you've taken just captured my imagination, and I would have to spend quite some time pouring over all the details if I were to visit in person. Just amazing! Love that cabin, and it has made me think of my own garden shed which I usually decorate in the smallest of ways ... such inspiration!! Thanks Chel for sharing all of this ... I agree it's a shame our kids grow up because then we can't see it all through their eyes again (I would so love to have a train ride to Santa's cabin through that snowy forest!!). Wendy x

  15. I really enjoyed your stroll around the garden centre. It's absolutely gorgeous and the fact that you met up with another of your reindeer friends made me smile. Wonderful to hear that all is ok with your husband, you can all have a peaceful Christmas.
    Ali x

  16. So glad to hear the news about your husband. This place looks awesome! I could spend all day in that crafty kitchen corner. Thanks for sharing!

  17. SOSOOO glad to hear about your husband! Boy I bet you all will be enjoying this beautiful season with some extra cheer! And that shop is jaw dropping! I mean it had so many beautiful handmade goodies there!! And yes I would love to sit by that fireplace and listen to stories! You have an outstanding week lady!!!!

  18. Oh I'm so glad to hear the good news about your hubby. I bet that feels good!

    I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for those "knitted" candles. Those are totally amazing! :o)

  19. What a gorgeous, Christmassy post! That looks like a really magical place to visit.
    Marianne x

  20. Hi Chel, wow I love this place called Baytree! So much to look at and I just love the crochet bunting and I really love the candles too! The reindeer is so cute and you got a great shot of him! I'm so happy to hear that your hubby is fine. Lucky for you to be going back again with your mom to Baytree! You are really making me want to get on a plane and visit London for Christmas. It must be so beautiful and I can just imagine what it looks like when it snows! What a magical place England is. I really miss it so much and want to go back real bad. Well I have only just started my holiday shopping for my family. I wish I were done with mine and your mom is smart! Take care and enjoy your week.

  21. Oh, it must have been such a relief to get those test results back and find everything is alright! A big stone lifted off the heart right there! So very happy for you.
    Your post is a Christmas Wonderland and I shall have to go back several times to take in all the fabulous details! The little cabin is so sweet, and those knitted candles and 'balls of string' - I have never seen anything like them here. The lovely walk down the snow covered lane is just gorgeous and the tablescape, too. I love that you are going back with your Mum - teenagers want to leave all that 'childish' stuff behind them, but soon enough realize the adult world is rather dreary without a little childlike wonder. I haven't started decorating yet, but soon.....and now I have some lovely new ideas. Hugs xoxo Karen

  22. Oh NOOOOOO! I thought, Chel when I saw your header! But sneakingly I do love a visit to Baytree, we go once a year roughly! It looks gorgeous all done up for ....that word.... And hugley pleased for you all that your chap is given the All Clear - rejoice all round, I say!

  23. Your pictures get me into the Christmas spirit!

  24. So glad to hear your husband is okay. Waiting for test results is scary.

    What a fun outing to Baytree - I like looking at Christmas displays and getting ideas before I start decorating - which isn't until around the 1st of December. Those teenagers can be so much fun at times, and a real drag at others. Enjoy the Narnian visit with your Mum!

  25. I'm so glad to hear that hubby is fine....I know it can be hard to worry and wonder. And I don't think it's too soon at all to be planning for the holidays. I can't wait! I keep wanting to dig through boxes and see what I have. I can't wait to decorate. I got out some pretty candles but I've never seen those that look like cable knit...how beautiful! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs!

  26. I think I've come over all Christmassy what a lovely festive post - thank you x

  27. Everything looks magical!
    I adore the cable knit candles!!!!
    I'm happy for your good news:)
    Big hugs!

  28. Hi, I came over from Julie's post. Love the shops and all the lovely Christmas decor and gifts there.
    I am a new follower - so by and see my posts.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  29. Hi, I came over from Julie's post. She is right...your posts are amazing. I am now following you (and Julie).
    If I had been with you, I would have gone through the whole display! Teenagers, lol. She will love it again someday when she gets beyond the embarrassed stage. :) thank you for sharing all those wonderful pictures. It makes me want to jump into my Christmas decorating!

  30. Wow! What a fabulous place! Everything looks so beautiful. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter and it is great that your husband got good news and is fine. I am now following your blog in several ways. I learnt about your blog from Julie's post. Have a wonderful week.

  31. This is truly a Christmas wonderland. Thank you for the tour. I love the button angels and the knitted candles.


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