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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Life Can Be Like A Rough Day At The Seaside

Firstly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely comments we have received regarding my hubby's health scare.  Tests have so far come back as nothing too serious, thank goodness, and the waiting should not be long now for the final results.
Last weekend we decided to brave the elements and visit Hunstanton, probably for the last time this year, and before the storm hit the UK shores!  As we walked along, my mind was full of worries and 'what ifs'.  The weather was stormy which reflected the way I was seeing things.  Life and relationships are constant, stable and strong at first with occasional ripples along the way.  Strong relationships, be they loving relationships or true friendships, are built to last and time continues effortlessly.
But then, occasionally, something will rip the ground from under us.
With dusting ourselves off and the power of positive thoughts and prayers, we see the parts that have broken in our lives in a much more constructive way.
Waves of good thoughts start to wash over us.
And our loved ones help take on the tide of life for us.
Picking us up when we feel so alone.
The skies feel bluer.
And life's journey doesn't seem so bad.
We then find we are not alone.
Life can be like a rough day at the seaside, but there are always people to help you ride the waves.
They are the ones that look at you at a distance to make sure you are ok, supporting you, loving you, cherishing every moment spent with you.
He is ok, that is all that matters.

Ok, now then, a completely different change of direction with this blog post, some Christmas cheer!  Have you visited Vicky at Life at Willie Mae Lane?  She has a beautiful blog and is now hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange.  What an amazing idea!  I have put her link to this in my side bar.  Go on, put your name down, this looks so much fun and a great way to meet new blogging friends.

Enjoy your week!  We certainly will now.

Take care.

 ♥ Chel ♥ 

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  1. Hi Chel, I'm glad that your husbands health scare is not too bad and I will pray that the final test results come back good. Thanks for the walk on the beach and yes life is like the waves and nature at times but hopefully it will calm down and be fine. Take care and hang in there.

  2. I am so glad that he is ok!!! That is wonderful news! And your photos of the gorgeous seaside and your thoughts could not be more true when it comes to the waves of life. And like you said there is nothing like having people in your life that truly love you!.....all the best to you and yours!

  3. I'm really glad he's okay, Chel. Hang in there. I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

  4. What a beautiful post. I do hope that everything is well with your husband and that you are able to recover a little from the shock and the scare.

  5. I'm so glad your hubby is okay, Chel. That is most definitely all the matters! Hugs!

  6. So glad that your own private storm as blown past now. Such a relief for you all to receive such welcome news. Your photos & words are perfect. Thanks for the link ... off to have a look. Wendy x

  7. I am so happy to hear your hubby is OK! That is the most important part! I enjoyed your lovely walk and the beautiful scenery! Gorgeous photos. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  8. Chel this is such a beautiful beautiful post. Such wonderful words and pictures to match. Relationships with those around us are the most important things, I agree thoroughly with you on that.

  9. Great post, and no truer words! Glad to hear your hubby is okay.

  10. Chel....you should have been a writer...you have such a way with words. I am so happy to hear that so far there is nothing serious going on. What a blessing! Your post was just beautiful as were the photos! Thanks so much for advertising the exchange for me! I appreciate it so much and I appreciate you as well sweet friend! Have a blessed week.....only two more days until the weekend!

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for you, and your husband. It's such a worry when we wait for test results...I"m the worst for worrying.

    Beautiful shots of a glorious sea.


  12. Catching up with your posts and thankful that things are getting better after hubby's health scare dear. Hoping all test results are good and you can all get on with this beautiful life once again.

    You are both in my prayers, and tell hubby to stop scaring you like that!
    Big hugs - Mary

  13. Lovely thought Chel. I am a very much what if person now I wish I could shake it off!

  14. A very special, thought provoking entry there Chel. Life is full of unexpected peaks and troughs. Hold onto the moments that make you smile, may there be many x

  15. Oh my, what a beautiful post Chel. I love how you put your thoughts and feeling to the photos. Well done and well said. Blessings to you both. Pamela x

  16. Chel, such lovely thoughts and photos! Glad your husband is okay, and I hope all his test results will be good ones. All the best to you both.

  17. Oh that was a lovely post. So true and so well said. We went through a terrible illness with our daughter when she was 4 and I went through all those emotions. It's not easy, but love is powerful and holds us together. Sometimes these things change our lives permanently and then we have to regroup and look for the good and find new ways to deal with them. Hugs, Liz

  18. Thank you so much for this post. Your words are so inspiring and beautiful, you are an amazing writer.
    This resonated deeply with me. I am a Brit living in Dallas TX for the last 23 years. My husbands family came from Snettisham, so we know Hunstanton well.
    I have a dear friend here in Dallas who also came from Snettisham, she came to the US as a GI bride at the end of the war. Sadly she is so very sick now with cancer, I sent your post to her daughter and I am sure that they will find great comfort and pleasure in your words and pictures.
    Thank you.
    Pam in TX.xx

  19. Such beauty expressed here, Chel, in your sweet and tender thoughts and your gorgeous photos. You have expressed these deep feelings so well and so beautifully. Life does threaten to take us out to sea at times and it is only those lifelines from loved ones that keep us from sinking. Praying all is well with your Dear Hubby and that life offers you clear sailing from here on in. Big Hug xoxo Karen

  20. Beautiful ♥

    Linda :o)

  21. Great pictures as always. I'm glad your husband's problem isn't too serious. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the final results.
    Were you hit severely by the storm?


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