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Monday, 8 April 2013

We Have Blossom!

I am so excited!  I have ventured into the great unknown!...the garden!!  I don't have to wear my wellies, I don't have to wear layers and layers of clothing, my eyes are squinting with the sunlight and look!  Only a small hint of what is to come, but yes there it is...blossom!
The different greens are emerging.  My beautiful Grandma's lavender has survived the testing and long winter and is standing silvery tall next to the other greens of the garden.
The sun is shining on my ivy in my little reading corner.
And my green lady has opened her eyes and there is a hint of a smile.
The wind has turned.

So, time to get going in the greenhouse!  With the weather as it has been I came up with a fantastic idea for germinating my seeds...plastic takeaway containers!  They have plastic lids, keeping the heat in, so I set to work with the tomato seeds from The Rusted Vegetable Gardener.  His blog is well worth a visit as well as his You Tube tutorials, great source of information!
Along with the tomatoes, I had to get the runner beans started, I felt a bit like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk (I wonder if there will be any golden eggs in the morning?!).
Then the courgettes, pricking out my peppers that had been germinating on my kitchen window sill and then the lettuce and radish bowl were tucked in.  A very productive morning...well it's a start.
And, remember the kitchen window baskets that I planted up earlier (post here)?  Well, they have survived! Just a little bit of bird damage where they are taking the coco fibre for nesting, but there is still plenty there.  The bulbs have surfaced which I am really pleased about as I didn't think they would until last year, so not all bad.
After lunch, me and Miss Teenager decided to sit down on the patio and I was catching up on some hooky time.  The blanket for my nephew or niece who is due next month.
Along with this are my little dinky squares which I am not sure what I will do with them yet but they are so cute to make!
Then, while taken this shot of a black bird who had just had a wash in the bird bath and was shaking off the water from its plumage, something weird happened.  
Now, bad luck happens in three's and this is why now I am quaking in my flip flops!  Firstly, my car decided to spring a fuel leak (little Annie is now with the garage for repairs) and secondly this, so there we are commenting on the little black bird (shall I call him lucky?!!) when BANG!!! the patio door near us shattered...
No reason, no bird had flown into it, no balls or stones nearby, no body was shooting (well I hope not!...we live in the countryside!!).  It just shattered into a million pieces making the constant noise of ice cracking.  Could it have just been the sun's warmth?  Well, a panicked woman then rings her hubby who is out walking with Mr Teenager to get home quickly and then a few calls to the insurance company to come and sort it out was made.  While waiting for the company to arrange to make the glass safe before repair I took some shots of this weird occurrence, doesn't it look like a spiders web?
So, hopefully the company are coming back today to fix this, apparently the whole unit has to be repaired.  And, now, I am slowly rocking in my chair thinking what is the third thing?!  A great start to my week off don't you think?!

I have to think positive, things could have been worse!  

Sending positive thoughts out for a better week!

(Update!  Annie car is now fixed at a cost of £32.00 (see positive thoughts worked there), patio door unit being looked at again on Wednesday morning but insurance company covering this (again positive thoughts).  And, maybe these were number 2 and 3 because remember I said that Coco dog had run into the glass next to the open greenhouse door?  Maybe that was number 1 !!  I'm wishful thinking!

Take care, I mean it!


  1. If it's any comfort, the broken glass makes lovely pictures! I would have been scared to death!

  2. Well looking at the positive the broken glass does look beautiful - how scary though - I would have jumped a mile. But the blossom! I have been checking mine each day (sad old woman that I am) and this last day or two has really made a difference. And don't get me started on the blackbird - I love them! Hope you manage to get a few more hours in your lovely garden today x Jane

  3. Gosh, you lulled me into such a sense of peaceful pottering-ness I almost jumped at the bang of the glass shattering. What a very odd thing to happen ... I do hope if there's a three it's something very small indeed x

  4. How bizarre. I'm sure it won't have been the sunshine. You'll have to tell us what the repair people say! We've even ventured to the plot!

  5. Hi Chel!
    Your garden is beautiful. Sorry about your door...strange things do happen. Hope you have a better week.

  6. So many wonderful photos - I adore your Green Lady. And the yarn for the afghan - what is the brand, the shine is wonderful. The shattered glass door does make a wonderful pattern. One time Don was mowing the lawn and a tiny rock hit the sliding glass door - it broke into a million tiny pieces that fell like a waterfall to the floor - so we had to put up plywood until the repairman came to fix it. At least it was safety glass and the edges were rounded on the shards, and not sharp. We swept up piles and pile of glass.

  7. Hi Chel, yes I do love the green lady and you are lucky to have a greenhouse to use to do all your planting. You are going to have a beautiful flower and vegetable garden very soon. It is very strange the way the glass door broke and I do think that with the dog, car and door you have all three things that happened, so don't worry you will have a good week off. Take care. Julie

  8. wow that would be very scary glad no one was hurt. Looking forward to your 'summer' pictures of a beautiful garden in bloom.

  9. I love looking at your garden it's lovely, I can imagine the smell of the lavender. I'd have jumped out of my skin when the door shattered, what a strange thing to happen, hope it gets fixed stress free :) xx

  10. Thank goodness for safety glass! That could have been ver nasty - so glad you're all unhurt. And very envious of your lavender; we had a lot of work done in the garden last year and my lavender didn't make it through weeks of abuse followed by months of cold so I have cut it back hard and will be planting replacements just in case. Oh well!

  11. What a bad luck! I hope the third bad thing will stay away from your side! I love your first blossom, btw! Liefs Else X

  12. Ooh...It's a good thing that no one got hurt. In any case the garden looks lovely even at this early stage.

  13. Wow, that was a scary thing. At least the glass stayed in the door and didn't explode all over you! I hope you manage to get it sorted soon.

  14. The weather looks lovely in your pictures. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy being outside! I love the color scheme of the blanket you are crocheting....how sweet! What a strange & scary thing with the glass door shattering! Not the best start to the week off, but on the bright side, you probably have more time to deal with the issues this week than a normal week...:) Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  15. Oh, things started out so lovely, didn't they? The pretty flowers, the sunshine in the garden, the seed planting and birds and then, bang! I had a car window shatter like that once when the sun was too much, but that was down in the desert! Thank goodness there were no injuries and the positive thinking seems to be working for you! I do hope that was your 3rd strike and all will be pleasant and sweet for the rest of the week! Hugs, xoxo

  16. I understand it was frightening, but it doesn't half make for an interesting photo that shattered glass!
    You have some great pics and I've just read one post! Off to grab a cuppa and look at more of your lovely blog! Thank you for popping by mine and leaving a comment too
    BH x

  17. What a great post! I wish I was as far along as you weather and plant wise! I was enjoying the peaceful idea of planting and feeling the warmth from the sun and seeing the blackbird but I didn't expect your story about the patio door! I know a thermal change can cause tempered glass to shatter like that. I was cleaning my refrigerator shelves and found that out the hard way. That is really odd though that a patio door would do that. Thank goodness it was tempered glass so it broke into small pieces.

  18. Terrible about the door and it is a strange sight, almost a piece of art. But you are so organized in the garden and I wish so much we could grow lavender here.

    I love your green lady!

  19. What a horrible thing to happen. I've heard about random shatterings of glass before - there was something on the radio a few weeks ago and from what I can remember (it wasn't a plant, so remembering is very challenging) it was something to do with humidity change / temp change. Of course, I might be completely wrong since I suspect I was drying my hair and thinking about work and herding kids off to school at the time.

    Your garden is showing lovely signs of spring. We seem to have had such a long winter that we are all welcoming spring like never before!

  20. Oh what a bad start, yes, poor Chel. But it turned out good, as you wrote, fortunately! I love the springlike photos you made, and the cute black bird and especially the green lady :-). Your blankets will become real beauties, they look already wonderful and it's a great color combination ♥

  21. How lovely that things are happening in your garden, Chel. Soon everything will be popping out of the ground. What a scary thing to have the door crack and break like that. I'm glad insurance is covering it.

  22. Thank goodness no one was next to the door when it shattered!
    You are finished with not-so-pleasant things for this year!

  23. This post seems to have slipped through the net Chel. Loved the sunny pics of your garden and like you my seed sowing is well underway. What a shock with the window can't believe it just exploded like that.

  24. I just went through a bad thing too...a blog stole dozens and dozens of my posts along with 2 other blogging friends. It took me 5 hours Saturday to report them all and so far google is really slow to remove them from their blog.

  25. That must have given you a big shock.
    Lovely to have some sunshine though and get out in the garden, seed sowing starts again in earnest now!


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