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Monday, 18 February 2013

Come In and Have a Cup of Tea

How lovely that you have popped round today for tea and cake.  After all, it is half term here and I am having a break from work.  Come and sit outside, the sun is glorious today.

It's so lovely sitting outside after so much time being cosy in the house.  It's still 'jacket' weather but just to feel the sun on your face is so satisfying.

The tea is brewing away nicely, the flowers are looking spectacular.  Bought from Butters this morning for £1.25!!!  Can you believe that.  Lilies, Gerberas, Roses all in my favourite colour combination.  They made my mood so much better.  I can't wait for the lilies to open, one of my 'happy' scents.

Another 'happy' scent is jasmine.  The one on the pergola is still sleeping, but found this in Butters for £2.00. It looks perfect with the ivy in the white bird cage.  Again the flowers haven't quite opened but the scent will be so heady and remind me of evenings in Spain.

Now then, have your brought your latest project with you?  Mine is on the table, gratifying granny squares, colourful, sweet, and will be made into cushions for the chair you are sitting at my table.  What have you brought along?

Would you like some cake?  Have you read Lucy's blog and her cake recipe?  Well here's some for you, you may need a couple of slices and they compliment the tea.

Ok, now are you feeling fit?  I've bought some herbs and violas for the kitchen window boxes.  They are full of bulbs but it is time to put in the herbs before the shoots rise to the surface.  Over there are the herbs...

Yes, I know, Butters again!  But at 60p per pot I couldn't leave them.  And now could you bring the violas (£1.25 for a tray!).

Right, all done and looking great for the next part in a few weeks when the lettuces, tumbling tomatoes and anything else I can think of will be filling the gaps.

They are beginning to shape aren't they?

Well, it's been great with you popping by on one of my day's off.  Next time you will see this view hopefully it will be a bit more greener and with some burgers (not horsemeat!!) in the chimenea.

Have a wonderful week.

Take care.


  1. Oh how cosy this all looks, and not really like February at all!

  2. Crikey Butters sounds like a real find! Your pictures are lovely and make me want to go and plant up all my pots immediately x Jane

  3. Tea and cake with those pretty flowers to hand sounds like a great idea. I'd bring along some embroidery I'm working on.

  4. A perfect break! And so important to just sit and be at times don;t you think.
    Love leanne

  5. Thanks for the tea! Outside!! With no boots or winter coats. Oh so jealous! If you were coming here for tea we'd be in the dining room watching the snow fall fork the heavens. No thoughts of planting the window boxes - 2 1/2 months until I can start doing that!!

  6. Thank you for the tea and the cake! They are a good start of the day! Liefs Else X

  7. Funny how a bit of sun makes everything feel so different - your pictures are very springlike - thanks for the tea and cake.

  8. Dear Chel,
    Your tea vignette is beautiful! I can't wait to have tea in the garden and enjoy the sunshine this spring. Love your quilted tablecloth and beautiful flowers. We are both serving carrot cake this week! Thanks for visiting and your nice comment! Your planter boxes look so nice. I won't be planting anytime soon. Thanks for the tea & cake! Have a wonderful day!

  9. What a fun and pretty post.
    Unfortunately now I DO want some cake, lol...:)

  10. Hi, Chel! I found your blog over at the 'Cottage Style Party Linkup'. Oh, my! I would love to have been there for some tea and cake! I also love the flowers and garden starts! I live in the Midwestern United States (near Chicago)and we are in the middle of freezing rain and snow. I am dreaming about spring and longing to start working in my garden again! But it will be awhile, yet. I and following you on Bloglovin' and look forward to seeing your future blog posts and all the pretty photos!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage
    “Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

  11. Hi Chel! I just found your blog via PlainJane. This post is lovely - tea, cake, flowers and crochet...everything I need to have a good afternoon :) Elisabeth x

  12. Just lovely - I'd love to join you! Crochet, flowers, tea, cake - sounds like heaven. And Jasmine is one of my favorite scents!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, Chel.


  13. Chel your garden is lovely and your pics of the tea and flowers are gorgeous! I love the scent of Jasmine. Only an annual here, but I have bought it a couple of times to enjoy in the Spring. Love your granny squares. Coming along nicely.


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