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Friday, 22 June 2012

An Introduction

Hello!  I suppose I will start with an introduction.  My name is Chel and I live in the fens of Lincolnshire in a 10 year old house in a quiet village.  Now at the point of getting fed up with the plain walls of magnolia and thinking of putting a real mark on the place.  I do have some favourite places in the house:

This is my fireplace with my fabric hearts made after watching the fabulous Kirstie Allsopp and her programme last Christmas.  Instead of just making a garland to hang on the fireplace I decided to stuff them, add a button and prop them up, just to add some of my favourite colour to a rather bland area.  Oh, I love gardening too (as you may have gathered from the cut flowers on the coffee table) and the roses have really done me proud this year, they are a delight to see.  I have so many and one in particular has made its way to the top of my garage giving a wonderful display to my neighbours.  As a result, because of this wonderful summer of ours where it has done nothing but rain, I try to cut as many as I can on a Friday night when I do the housework after a hard week's work, and fill the house with the scent of roses and lavender.

Another favourite place is my chair in the hall way.  Here I can have a quiet moment with my hooky and have another chair upstairs where I disappear sometimes to watch my soaps and make the next project.  The cushion was made after reading the fabulous Attic 24 blog.  Lucy's designs and ideas as well as amazing instructions on how to create wonderful projects are a real inspiration.

My third favourite place is my kitchen window.  I love seeing the different seasons and am amazed each year on how much more everything has grown.  We have been here 10 years and came to a garden of rubble and chicken wire fencing.  My husband has worked so hard on the garden, front, side and back and it truly is a wonderful oasis.  Oh and yes, the stuffed hearts have made their way here too!

I am married and have two children, boy and girl who are your typical moany teenagers but I wouldn't swap them for the world.  They are very entertaining and, yes I will slap myself on the back as I have done a good job with them.

So that's a start on my life.  This is all new to me, but let's see how I go.  Take care XXXXXXXXXXX

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  1. I'm so glad I found this first post....lovely colors. What a beautiful view of your garden !


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