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Monday, 24 December 2012

Time for a Christmas Eve Rest

Here I am, snuggled under my hooky blanket looking at some of my hard work.

To say I have been stressed this week is an understatement.





My children are REALLY not helping.  Never ask a teenager to make a list, they ask for the impossible.  I feel like I did a few years ago when the one top toy was the one that you just couldn't find anywhere.  So, their punishment for giving me extra stress was to come Christmas shopping with their parents...I can be so cruel.  The sweetener was lunch at Jimmys which they absolutely loved.  At one point during the eating of ice cream I asked them if they were alright as the silence was deafening, to be answered with "this is really great".  Yay, I've done something right for once.  Doesn't it warm your heart when that happens and you know your planning has worked?

When we finally got home I realised that a major part of my stress was the fact that the house was not how I wanted it for Christmas.  Cards were in a pile instead of adorning the walls and the fire place.  My fridge and cupboards were not groaning under the strain of Christmassy treats.  The washing was overflowing out of the linen basket.  The place needed its 'Christmas Spring Clean'.  So, glutton for punishment that I am, I set about the housework from top to bottom, crisp laundered sheets, fresh fluffy towels, bathroom cupboards full of new toiletries, everything rightfully in its place.  Once finished I felt a lot more at one with myself and that the house was feeling like a home again rather than somewhere we just come to rest during the evenings.

My living room is now ready...

The dining table is very nearly there...

My kitchen cupboards are now filled with exciting things and my favorite kitchen windowsill is festive and beautiful.  I can't wait to start the preparation for the feasts I will cook over the holidays.

At the end of the shopping, cleaning and general panicking, I took some time out with my family to go to Peterborough Cathedral's Carol Service.  So beautiful and traditional, and the Cathedral was full to bursting.

And now, under my snuggly blanket, egg nog in hand, cheese and biscuits, calm thoughts running through my head and Scrooge on the TV, it is time to start really enjoying this wonderful time with my family.

I hope all your preparations have gone well and you can now rest...ready for the battle with the turkey tomorrow.

So cheers to you all and a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah to you and your loved ones and a very Happy New Yearxx


  1. Much love to you and yours this holiday season! Your home looks cozy and welcoming - enjoy every nook and cranny!

  2. Lovely pictures! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!:)

  3. Such a lot of work and preparation isn't it. I spent over a week getting the house ready. But so nice to sit and relax when it's all finished. Your house looks amazing. Merry Christmas x

  4. I love your tree, especially the big heart ornaments! I hope you had a wonderful day, I am looking forward to a little glimpse of English life in the coming year from the comfort of my couch! :) x Jess


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