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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Summer Holidays

Well the summer holidays are almost over, just the last full week of panic buying with uniforms and bits and bobs for the kids.  It always amazes me just how much my two grow over the six week break.

Usually I have real problems juggling work and home life during the long break, but this year it has been a lot less stressful with being able to do three or four day weeks and keeping the kids amused during the days off.  My Bex has also been invaluable in work helping with a revamp of the office.  This has given her taste of work and she has really enjoyed this.

We have been out and about and took some time out at Snettisham in Norfolk for a few days.  This is a lovely little town with a beautiful church and is not too far from Hunstanton (one of our favourite haunts), Kings Lynn, Sheringham and Cromer.   
Snettisham beach has the most amazing sunsets to look at.  The first night we were there the sunset was a deep blood red, but no camera unfortunately.  The next night's sunset was so clear and blue with peach tints.  I loved setting this photo up with my two happily discussing something between themselves and the sun's rays just escaping through a gap in the cloud.  I love moments like this.
A little later when the sun was just throwing the last glimmers of red across the evening sky, my Luke decided to take a dip in the very cool water (he's a water baby!).  A very special and quiet moment.
The next day we decided to take a drive to Holt where the amazing Poppyline Railway runs to Sheringham.  My kids are absolute fans of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Express, so what better than to take them on the steam train to Sheringham.
The carriages had individual compartments and the kids took full advantage of using their imagination in thinking that the windows were frosting up and the dementors coming to take them back to Azkaban!  Once that had worn off, they both opened the window in the compartment and experienced the joy of having the wind blow through their hair while looking out of the train, something that can't be done nowadays in the cramped, airless carriages we now travel in.
The views from the windows were a delight.  The freshly harvested wheat with the sea as a backdrop.
And then the occasional Norfolk windmill...
Once at Sheringham we were able to take a proper look at the engine.  A great experience of seeing times gone by.
And now, we were at Sheringham.  A beautiful, busy, seaside town with a shingle beach surrounded by sea defences.  It was a very busy day, very warm and humid and also dark.  The colours of the beach huts and boats lifted the greyness of the day.
It was a very packed day and we had our return journey back on the Poppyline to take in the nostalgia and breathe in the fumes of times gone by.

When we arrived back at Holt Station, I was so happy to see the good old red London Bus that I used to remember.  I have many fond memories of the No. 25 that used to go up past St Paul's Cathedral when I was younger.  Mainly because my wonderful Grandpa used to be a clippy on that particular bus and I used to get on his bus on occasion and he'd make sure I got off at the right stop.  Happy days.

So now we are back, washing done, cleaning done and time for some baking.  I am absolutely hooked on The Great British Bake Off!!  I have bought the book and decided that I would have a couple of hours of getting to grips with the eight strand plait bread recipe.  I must say, it was a bit tricky but I persevered and am quite pleased with the results.  A bit more practice and I might get the plait more uniform. 
Yum!!!  Happy baking!!

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